Auriels Bow Retexture Set by kashif101
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Added: 16/02/2013 - 11:13PM
Updated: 23/02/2013 - 05:55PM

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Last updated at 17:55, 23 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 23:13, 16 Feb 2013

Ever used this magical bow with a Dwarven, or Ebony armour set and find the colours clashing? Or do you feel this "HOLY" bow looks too normal, and needs to stand out more? Or it just doesn't suit your taste? If so, than this could be for you.

If it's not for you then feel free to make a request.


Pick a texture and download it.
Extract it.
Place the "Data" folder in your main Skyrim directory.

Click "Download With Manager" and activate.

No ESM or ESP files inside.


If nothing here suits you, check out my previous set of retexture's, right here.

I am planning on making Sunhallowed arrow's and Auriel's Shield to match. And perhaps adding a glow map to some bows.

The ENB used is a custom edit I made off WoodManGamers Wintertide - Fantasy ENB which I uploaded here. *PLEASE NOTE THE ONE IN THE SCREENSHOTS IS SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT FROM THE UPLOAD, IT IS STILL IN DEVELOPEMENT*



A BIG thank you to KahjiitRaj for making the Review Studio which helped me key out the bow's with a click.

Also a big thank you to Backsteppo for the brilliant Dragon Priests Armor.

And thanks to the other mods that make these screenshots look even better.

ApachiiSkyHair - thank you apachii
Better Females by Bella - thank you BellaGail
Realistic Lighting Overhaul - thank you sydney666
Enhanced Lights and FX - thank you anamorfus
Realistic Rocks and Mountains - thank you Benjamin318
Proper Length Arrows - thank you MadCat221

If I've forgotten any other mods, sorry.

Thanks to Bethesda for Skyrim