Hell Engulfs Whiterun by Kolton Burke
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Hellfire has been flung on Whiterun! All the people have undergone mutations, but still intend to carry out their lives. Some have been changed for the better, others for the worse. Are there any who aren\'t affected? Everyone still manages to do the tasks required of them. The guards have upped their armour. Armour now dynamic. Even with the extra umf, the city of Whiterun has turned into a mixing-pot of monsters and beasts...

See if you can make the connections and discover some tiny laughs :D

(Also check out my other mod, \"Tusken the Destruction\". He fits kind of perfectly here :)

HEW also found on Steam:

Simply as a precaution to make sure the mod loads correctly and everyone gets their things, please don\'t download until you are somewhere NOT near Whiterun. Go to solitude and chill inside your Manor while you save. Or anywhere else that is beyond the \"Whiterun World\". This is just to ensure no bugs!

I have spent a lot of time trying to get lore correct and the designs to work. There will be a few minor bugs.
So please treat this as a beta. ALL criticism, advice, ideas, and general feedback are greatly appreciated. I take my time to look over your comments and reply.

Please enjoy!