Explosive Unarmed Punches by BrotherBob
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Lore (Just for Fun)
Dovahkiins of the past learned to master the power of the Thu'um, harnessing it into the more barbaric arts of hand-to-hand combat. As the dragon threat rises, you must harness this power also.

JJstudios has kindly provided a video demonstration of V1.1:

Video Demo

Description (Version 1.0)
This mod makes changes to only the unarmed combat of the player character. Other characters that may use the unarmed combat style are unaffected. Effectively, the mod causes all targets of the player's unarmed attacks to be forced away (similar to an Unrelenting Force shout), while simultaneously producing an appropriate explosion and sound effect. In future updates, I would like to address the placement of the explosion. I have also found that it cannot be used in brawls without turning your opponent hostile. I'm definitely going to try to find a fix for that.

Description (Version 1.1)
I have changed a few things. But it may or may not be better (it is subjective). So, first, I changed the effect to appear more like the actual shout. The effects only apply on power attacks now. I did this to try to address the Brawl bug, so that you can still brawl with regular attacks. Second, it might be noted that a right or left handed power attack will cause emit a weaker Unrelenting Force. Holding both keys (RH and LH) together will perform the two-handed power attack, which emits a more powerful Unrelenting Force.

Use of NMM is possible. To manually install, unpack the contents of the ".rar" file and merge the "Data" folder contained within with the "Data" folder in your Skyrim-install directory. This mod makes use of one script that I created, and which is included in the download. I am not entirely sure (because I use but do not know much about SKSE), but this mod may require SKSE.

This mod should be compatible with all mods that do not alter the Attack Data of the player character (which means that most mods should be fine, including many similar combat mods).

Thank you to sa547 for the inspiration behind this (through an image upload).

Recommended Mods
Martial Arts: Many users have mentioned that this mod, in combination with my own mod, produces some very fantastic visual and gameplay effects. I highly recommend that you take a look at this mod and experience these effects for yourself.

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