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Added: 14/02/2013 - 04:20AM
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Last updated at 18:19, 18 May 2014 Uploaded at 4:20, 14 Feb 2013

This Simple mod adds a Subtle and Unobtrusive DoF (Depth of Field) to the distance, while also removing the EXTREMELY ANNOYING HDR (Eye/Light Adaptation Effect).

* No Performance Loss.

* Subtle Depth of Field.

* No Save Game Bloat.

* Simple.

SkyTEST - Vision comes in 4 Different Versions:

* Full - (Includes both NoHDR and DoF Effect)

* NO HDR Only - (Don`t like DoF Effect yet you want Default HDR Gone? No problem!)

* DoF Only - (Want to keep Default HDR Effect and still use DoF? No Problem!)

* Full and DoF + - (Liked the NoHDR but want even stronger DoF? No Problem Either!)

What is HDR (Eye Adaptation Effect)? it´s an Skyrim Effect that mimics the Eye Adaptation Effect when looking directly to the Sun or other Strong Light Sources, I Find the effect extremely Annoying, specially in between Battles... my eyes are already Good at doing that, so i really don´t need an Extra Exaggerated effect doubling mine, check the following video to see effect in Action in Skyrim

What is DoF (Depth of Field)? is an effect that gives the illusion of Camera Focusing, (it gives a Blurry Effect to non Focused or Distant Objects) Check the Before and After Screenshots, but it may be hard to notice on Pictures, it is more noticeable in Game, yet my DoF version is more Subtle and Unobtrusive compared to other mods.

Here is a Video Demo of "DoF" in Cameras:

Version History:

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Drag and Drop into SteamSteamAppsCommonSkyrimData folder.


* Download the SkyTEST - Vision Uninstall compressed file and decompress it, then replace the original SkyTEST-Visual.esp plugin with the one from the Uninstall 7z.

* Run the Game.

* Save Game.

* Remove anything related to SkyTEST - Vision.

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