Higher Magic Multiportal Dawnguard by Pan Dragondagger --- aka - Rex1029
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This is a stand-alone mod.

It allows you to teleport to various points in the Dawnguard DLC, without having to clutter your spell book with multiple teleport spells. (Semi-spoiler possible when you look at locations for vamp castle... be warned.

It also adds a vendor that will sell the book, and other minor items over in the Dawnstar tavern.

NOTE : This does not use ANY other resources that are outside of base Skyrim, and Dawnguard. If you use one of my other multiportal mods as well, you will need BOTH/ALL of them. This only deals with Dawnguard locations. The others have fully different locations available.

Locations :
Fort Dawnguard
- Out Front
- Main Hall
- Kennel

- Out Front
- Dungeons
- Balcony (Unlocks after you cross over portal)

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