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for DALLs - Dragons



Dragons are custom re-texture / in- game textures replacement mod which changes how game Dragons look. It can be used with it's plug-in (mod.esp) or without it depending on your needs. With it, installed Dragons will be somewhat more powerful and harder to kill.

To install you need to navigate to your Steam/SteamApps/common/skyrim - game folder and paste / drag n drop in it my Data (mod) folder. Allow overwrite!

If you don't like this new look, simply delete / remove my (check for names my mod) texture files from Data/textures/actors and clutter - and original look will be restored to your game.

Bugs/conflicts: none known

Free to use but if any files included (therein) are to be used for modding ask me for permission!

Enjoy and try to remember - if you like it - to give (to many all important validity rating ;) endorsement!

Thanks to Bethesda for really great game.