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Last updated at 3:12, 23 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 0:16, 13 Feb 2013

This mod contains vanilla hair mesh replacement(s) which represent an improved version of their originals. I might look into giving them a new texture other than the vanilla ones in the future. You can use these meshes for your own followers if you want to, just give me credits somewhere!

For now there's only 1 improved female hairstyle and 2 variations of it available. Track this mod if you want to receive updates. If there's a good modeler/artist who wants to help me improve more vanilla hair stuff, just send me a PM :)

Hair Styles:

The vanilla hair mesh(es) will be replaced by its improved counterpart, so you won't have to do anything after you've installed the mod correctly.

- Female Vanilla #11 in 3 variations: normal, shoulder and bangs (see screenshot). The shoulder variation might clip into armor. On some it looks bad and on some it doesn't matter. There's nothing I can possibly do about it without the hair itself looking bad, so if this bothers you just choose another variation. :)

Video showing Female Vanilla #11 by TheXPGamers:

Change Log:

Female Vanilla #11:
- reworked UV-mapping to make textures appear better (head and especially the ponytail)
- hopefully fixed most of the clipping with ears

Female Vanilla #11:
- 2 new variations added: shoulder and bangs
- see screenshot for a comparison


1.) Download the recent version of this mod
2.) Copy the "Data" folder of the hairs and its variations directory for the models you want to use into your Skyrim directory
3.) Enjoy!


- might be incompatible with replaced .tri files of the specific hair styles, so delete any remaining vanilla hair mesh replacers.


1.) Download the mod files again to see which files you'll have to delete
2.) Remove the files you've copied into your Skyrim directory again
3.) Done!

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