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Update v2.02
Fixed - Allows light-amour version of Spellbreaker to be tempered at a workbench (smithed). Materials required are exactly the same as the heavy-armour (vanilla) version.

What is it?
It adds a light-armour version of Spellbreaker to the game, and allows the player to swap back and forth between the 2 versions.

I made this after trying to look for something similar on and couldn't find it. I didn't want full blown conversion/replacements of existing Spellbreaker to light armour.

So, I thought why not make a light armour version and make it swappable between the original and my version?

To swap, go to the Shrine to Peyrite. Equip Spellbreaker and activate the button on the stone pillar on the left side of the Urn/Barrel. and talk to Kesh The Clean.

It will swap back and forth between light and heavy armour versions.

The enchantments (and textures) are exactly the same, and the armour rating of the light armour version is just a little bit better than Dragonscale shield (the best light-armour shield in vanilla Skyrim). The original Spellbreaker in vanilla Skyrim has armour rating better than a Daedric Shield, FYI.

Basically I duplicated the actual Spellbreaker and just changed the weight and armour rating :)

Upgrading from 1.xx to 2.0 or higher
1. Delete ...Skyrim\Data\Scripts\elite_SpellBeakerLightOrHeavy.pex
This is no longer needed because the button is no longer there. This is for housekeeping purposes. You can leave it there in your harddisk too, there won't be anything calling that script. In theory :)

2. In theory, just a simple replace of the files should work. But of course to be safe, swap back to the heavy armour version, and MAKE A NEW SAVE. Just in case.

3. If you decide to use the BSA version, then you should delete the script file in (1) above, or the mod might act wonky. In theory it shouldn't... but... ya know... Some people say "Loose files will always override BSAs" and some people say "BSAs will always override loose files". The best thing to do is to make sure no loose files are around.

NMM - Straightforward install
Manual - drag and drop the ESP and the DATA folder into your skyrim main folder.

Since this mod uses scripts, you should do the following, just in case -

1. Make sure you've swapped back to the HEAVY ARMOUR version! That is vanilla Skyrim's default! If you don't you will lose the light-armour version and no way to get the vanilla Spellbreaker back (without using console).

2. Move to an interior cell away from the Shrine, such as an inn or your home.

3. Save your game, and remove/delete/uninstall.
NMM - uninstall the usual way
Manual - delete the files manually

Possible Conflicts
1. Will definitely conflict with mods that alter the item data in CK (textures/mesh-only are fine). The light-armour version will use the same mesh and texture(s) as the heavy armour version so if you have installed a mod that changes the textures or mesh ONLY, the light armour version should also follow suit and look the same.

2. Should not conflict with any mods that adds additional Spellbreakers, but this mod only swaps between the original and the one belonging to this mod.

3. Might conflict with mods that alter the objects at the Shrine of Peyrite

Please notify me before you include this into your own mod/work. Thanks!