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Nexus Exclusive -- Requires Skyrim Update and Dragonborn DLC -- Certified Cleaned
Mad at having no bed or chairs after a long, cold and dusty day in a rough island? Read on.

In the course of playing Dragonborn, it's frustrating to the extreme that after a long day of fighting and exploring I couldn't get a warm place to crash and sleep in the Skaal village or in Tel Mithryn, or nothing to sit on at the Thirsk Mead Hall after beating the Rieklings and watching the warriors idle around at the entrance.

So to make things easy while at Solstheim and with the Creation Kit, all I did was to add beds, chests and some furniture to all three places. What it does is very simple, doesn't change anything too much, and gives your character a good and convenient chance to sleep, or sit down.

In Tel Mithryn: added a bed, chest and a couple of chairs. So much for Neloth's promise of a bed and chest. (NOTE: this has since been superseded by a UDBP update (I think) that installs a player bed and chest.)

In the Skaal Great Hall: added a bed, chest, some chairs and benches for better authenticity as a true Great Hall, plus an enchanting and alchemy table and a couple of lights. Interior music changed to that of a tavern. (CAVEAT: I discovered that you're not allowed to sleep in the Great Hall as they're "asking you to leave"; I may have to start making a custom player home as a more proper replacement. Instead, please download the new Bayview Player Home.)

In the Thirsk Mead Hall: added chairs and benches. Best used after wiping out the Rieklings and retaking the whole hootch by taking the side of the evicted Thirsk resident-warriors. Interior music changed to that of a tavern.

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