Forsworn BriarHeart Armor by metalfenix
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Added: 12/02/2013 - 05:14AM
Updated: 03/04/2013 - 04:48PM

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Last updated at 16:48, 3 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 5:14, 12 Feb 2013

Ever wanted to have the awesome armor of the Forsworn Briarhearts? well, now you can! This mod came out of my wish of wearing that armor. Initially, I managed to use the original briarheart mesh, but there are some issues with it, like some serious clipping on the kilt and the texture that covers the I decided to take a dive in the modding business.

I saw the regular Forsworm armor, and how it looks so fine, so decided to modify it, leaving just the kilt and start from there.

Contents of the set

Now we have 5 different Forsworn armors to choose: One is just the forsworn armor bare chested (just like the fur armor), the second is the Briarheart armor without the heart (In case you need it for whatever purpose),third, the briarheart armor with the heart. Fourth, the ragged trousers with the briarheart torso. I kinda intended it for the mage types out there, and I included two versions of the ragged trousers: as light armor and clothes.And last, a version of the fur armor for the briarhearts.

How to install?

Just drop everything on your Data folder (C:\....\Skyrim\Data\) and that's it.


Erase the RafForswornCustomArmorSet.esp file from the Data folder, and all the files on Data\meshes\armor\metalfenix\ folder.

Manual updating:

Just download the latest version, and replace the old .esp and files that were in the data folder. They have the same names and routes, so you have to overwrite when asked to, and that's it.

All the armors are craftable through any smithing forge (it's under Misc Category), enchantable and you can improve them too. They are available for all the vanilla races, only for males (if used by females it will revert to the regular forsworn armor, besides, there are a lot of forsworn armors for the ladies out there) uses the vanilla body mesh, so I'm sure it will not work with custom body mods. And they are standalone armors, they won't replace any armor of your game.

BTW, The set only includes the body armor, the fornsworn gauntlets and boots in the pics comes from the Forsworn Banditry mod. I recommend it to have a regular forsworn set in the forge.

I hope you like it, any comments are welcome.

UPDATE 02/21/2013

Added an optional replacer for the Briarhearts on the game, replacing their original (and ugly and clipped) outfit, with the briarheart armors (with and without heart) I made. Credits go to the user Buskirkzz for the idea. Every briarheart in the game will use the armor.

The replacer needs the main file that contains the armor, so you have to install the main file first, and then the replacer.

To install, just drop everything on your Data folder.

UPDATE 03/14/2013

Added a new armor for the set: the ragged trousers, but with the briarheart torso. It has two versions: Light Armor and clothes, both of them are enchantable, the light armor version can be improved trough smithing and made using regular forges. I added some pics on the photo section.

UPDATE 03/15/2013

Just a minor update to fix a clipping issue on the ragged trousers outfit. When 2-handed weapons or staffs are equipped, they clipped on the back.

UPDATE 03/21/2013

Added the Briarheart Fur armor, and corrected an issue with all the outfits and the 2 handed weapons and staffs, now they should look closer and not floating in the air.

By the way, I uploaded this mod on the Steam workshop too, if you prefer to obtain it from there.

Version History:

V 1.0 : Initial release

V 1.1 : Added ragged trousers to the set

V 1.11 : Minor and quick update. Fixed a clipping issue on the ragged trouser outfit that ocurr when one equips 2 handed weapons or staffs. The weapon clipped through the back of the character.

V 1.2 : Fixed an issue with 2 handed weapons and staffs on all the pieces of the set, now they will be closer to the back of the player. Added a new outfit too: The briarheart fur armor. At first I wasn't intending to publish it since I don't see many of you playing as a bandit briarheart, but you go.