Tentacle Grasp Weapon Enchantment - Frozen Tentacle - REQUIRES DRAGONBORN by Tsuki
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>> The Dagger "Frozen Tentacle" can be found in the hands of a Draugr corpse which has been frozen under stalhrim. At the Stalhrim Source, you must mine away at the ice to claim your new weapon <<

Alternate file available; changes the enchantment on Miraak's Sword to be this enchantment. NOTE: THIS BREAKS THE ELONGATING EFFECT THE SWORD HAS ON ATTACKING.

Adds a single weapon with the enchantment Tentacle Grasp, which causes the target to be wrapped and damaged by tentacles for 5 seconds, damaging them.

The weapon CAN be disenchanted!

Enchant weapons to wrap enemies up in tentacles.

Currently, enchantment cost is not working.