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Added: 09/12/2011 - 03:47PM
Updated: 16/12/2011 - 06:25AM

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Last updated at 6:25, 16 Dec 2011 Uploaded at 15:47, 9 Dec 2011

iMPORTANT: this mod doesn't replace "fast travel" map. Sorry for my bad english spoken.
As the first one, my second experimentation (not the better,I'm not really satisfied but I like it) replace the political maps (visibles in the castles for exemples) for "integrist RolePlayers" who want a better aspect than the vanilla map (while remaining in the same style). Now, with this, your game will smell like sheep!

  • You can use it in your mod or for personnal usage but please don't forget me if you want to distribute or utilize it ..if you are nice, send me a Christmas turkey ^^
  • More questions, suggestions, financial support, autographs, sentimentals letters, contact me here.. I'm waiting for feedbacks in case I would continue.

    SPECiALS THANX for..
  • Bethesda for Xbox game version in my PC..
  • anonymous animal who help me to make this texture (graphics based on a real animal skin, but not mine...just a abandonned cow that roamed the corner..)
  • for peoples here who saying that I spoke too ^^ I would not say anything, just please use and test..
  • Steam to make us want to play, Steam to make us criminals (have a legal DVD copy but..), Steam for a real time lesson of patience

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