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:::::::::::::::::: What a hell is this ::::::::::::::::::
This mod adds a library which can be accessed if you have built the little "house/entrance" of your hearthfire home so that you can have your armory (or kitchen) in the east wing without sacrificing all those pretty bookshelves for your wonderful book collection

::::::::::::::::::: Why :::::::::::::::::::
Well, personally I was really disappointed with Hearthfire, I thought it would allow me to customize whatever I wanted but it turned out that everything has a preset and you couldn't really customize as you please, you were given some very limited choices to pick from.

Why couldn't they allow us to place any of the 3 extra wings in whatever position we wanted instead of limiting us to pick between 3 essential rooms that are placed in the same spot -.- (for example I was hoping to have an armory room, a kitchen and a library but instead I had to pick 1 .. WTF)

Anyways, this is why I made this mod, I decided to pick the armory for the east wing, but I also collect books so I needed a library and used shezries kitchen addon, now my home is perfect

In the files section you will see 3 downloads, the same library for each of the hearthfire homes ..

All the libraries are fully navmeshed and follower friendly should you decide to leave your followers in it ..

::::::::::::::::: Installation Instructions :::::::::::::::::
*******IMPORTANT******* Before installing this mod, you must at least build the little "House" or "Entrance" and make sure it turned into a cell.
1- Pick the file that matches the house you have (If you built Lakeview Manor then pick the Lakeview Library and so on)
2- Install this mod with NMM or manually (place the contents in the skyrim data folder)
3- Activate FM - Lakeview Library or ( FM - Windstad Library) or ( FM - Heljarchen Library )
4- I recommend to load my mod after any other mods that modifies the Hearthfire homes
5- Enjoy

I recommend that you checkout Shezries Hearthfire Kitchens and use his kitchen along with my library, just make sure to load my mod after his

::::::::::::::: Uninstalling :::::::::::::::
1- Take everything you have placed inside the library (all your books etc)
2- Get out of the library and exit the house
3- Save
4- Deactivate the mod
5- Done

::::::::::::::: Credit :::::::::::::
Oaristys and Tony67 for their modder resources
LeanderSeelenPuls for the German translation

::::::::::::: Permission ::::::::::::
Feel free to edit this mod for your PERSONAL use only, do not re-publish it or re-upload it anywhere else without my permission.