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Updates: 1.3
Got the fixes for werewolves and I know why some people didn't get 'rested' it was because they had the 'lovers stone'. I added 50% regen for 24 game hours when a werewolf eats humans since they don't sleep [they still can eat normal for the other 50%] and I have given the lovers stone a 50% bump too, since there's no way of tying sleep with regen that I'm aware of.

Whilst we enjoy Skyrim, a factor that kept bothered me was the lack of integration of food and sleep. Now, I've put together a fairly simple system of making food and sleep important, simply eat for 50% of your regeneration needs and sleep for the rest. I have not included health regeneration with the foods as many believe it ought not regen at all, but I have included an optional bat file where you can still regen as per vanilla after you sleep.

Food types are important with this mod and there are two requirements. Proteins such as meat and cheese are important for your brain so your magicka regeneration and carbs and vitamins for stamina, which come from breads, vegetables and fruit. Some foods contain both, so benefits are for both magicka and stamina and cooked meals provide significantly longer durations of regeneration than uncooked meals, which make it advantageous to cook your meals.

How it works is magicka, health and stamina regeneration are first zero'd. Then when you eat you get some regeneration of health or magicka or both. Health regeneration must rely upon spells and potions, though some other options such as bandages will be added soon. Of course if this is not for you, the optional bat file is the way to go.

The game timescale has been changed to 6, which means that the full day will pass in 4 hrs of real time. So when you sleep and feel either 'rested' or 'well rested' you will gain a benefit of 50% for well rested and 35% for 'rested' of the standard vanilla regeneration amount [up from zero remember] and will get those benefits for 180mins real time. To feel 'well rested' you need to sleep in your own home or an inn, and you feel rested when you sleep elsewhere. There 'seems' to be a requirement to catch up on sleep if you've not been sleeping, though I am still trying to confirm this.

filling foods and restful sleep.esp - > skyrim/data place into folder
noregen.txt -> place all in the skyrim folder.

when in game, go into the console [do it with ` or tilda key, usually above the tab] and then type bat noregen
What that does is turns off your regeneration for health, stamina and magicka and now you will rely upon your food and sleep for regen of magicka and stamina and health will need to be regenerated by magic, which is closer to reality, it's not like your limbs would heal after a few minutes, hours etc.

If you do not want to turn off the regen for health, or change your mind later, go into the console and type "bat healthregen" this will bring you back to normal health regeneration but leave magicka and stamina at no regen.

To uninstall
Uncheck/delete 'Filling foods and Restful Sleep.esp' go to console and type "bat regen" which will bring you back to normal regeneration again.

Thanks and enjoy.

- Other than not regenerating, you will not die, faint, fall-over or explode if you do not eat or sleep.
- Some things will intoxicate you, more fun ;)
- You will have to use the 'bat noregen' for any new characters you do unfortunately. Whilst I'm trying to find a way around the messy bat files, it's the best I've come up with thus far.
- When you fast travel, you will most likely arrive without having any regen, due to the time it took, that's normal, have a bite to eat :)
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