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(A mod in progress...)

Part of the Imperial Affairs mod series

*13 April 2013
Dear all,
This alpha mod has been superseded and now continues here:
This one will be deleted after some time.

I probably won't release much else for a little while as I am preparing and fixing old and new content.

*1 March 2013 It's been a hectic week
- Added first person mesh to the celtic chainmail
- AngryEw0k added 3 more textures for the round shield
- AngryEw0k added a plad retexture for the chainmail tunic
- New Nidau style celtic helmet has been added.
- Changed mesh and texture for the celtic pants and made the slider work for them. They are still prblematic, sometimes conflicting with the chainmail and both the mesh and the texture need improvement.
- Made the slider work for the chainmail so that everyone doesn't look so skinny anymore.
- All of the above has been added to the stormcloak outfitting.
- ...something else I may have forgotten?

I can't FoR The lIfE of ME figure out why the 1st person arms are missing when you wear the braccae pants! The situation has gone into the twighlight zone area as far as I am concerned.

Also, most of the stuff is still missing from the crafting and tempering menus, but I will add it next week or later this weekend or something.

This is an (EARLY!) ALPHA version of my armor and weapons mod for the Nords. In its current shape it is almost more of an announcement than a mod and is for users to test and give suggestions (though please no requests at the moment). Once I have a finished version I will release a separate mod and delete this one. I don't know when it will be ready. I may update this every now and then.

Basically, I was disappointed that, as I am almost finished the Roman armor and weapons mod (can be found here: ), there was still no proper custom Celtic armor available (that I could find), and therefore I was lacking a worthy enemy to fight . I therefore decided to make some historical nords. Since they use similar looking equipment to the Romans I had a lot of my work cut out for me.

At the moment the mod only has a sword, a couple of helmets, a tunic some pants and light chainmail.
The individual outfit items are being designed to be interchangeable, so that you can put together your own outfit. I am planning for the replacer to have two pools of equipment, one for Germanic warriors and one for the Celts, from which each AI will pick their outfit. Hopefully this will give them a more natural random look.

As mentioned above, some of you will notice that certain items look quite similar to the ones in my Roman mod, and that’s because Romans borrowed much of their armor designs from their Northern neighbors, who then borrowed it right back again after the Romans modified them, which makes it easier for me:)

Celts are the skilled swordsmen. They wear chainmail armor or just colorful clothes. They are less armored than the Romans but I will try to balance things out by giving them better swords, axes and strength.

Germanic warriors
These tribesmen are more plain looking compared tothe celts, wearing less to no armor.
Germanic tribesmen were mostly spearmen during the Roman times. For swords the Germans will be using the Romanised Spatha, Celtic swords and the Cherusker (the latter being the only native Germanic design I found for this early period I am trying to recreate). I really hope we are going to get Spear animations so that they can adopt spears as the main weapon.

Will the textures of what you see now get better? Yes I am working on it, though don't expect miracles.

There are two esp files in the mod. One is a standalone version that only adds all the armor pieces to a chest in a new room I created that can be accessed through Windhelm barracks. Once you enter the barracks in the Windhelm palace just go straight and enter through a new door. The second .esp file is a replacer that replaces the stormcloak armor with the armor from this mod, but it's sort of glitchy. The two esps are independent from each other.

Installation is as usual - copy the files into your data folder in your Skyrim directory. It shouldn't overwrite anything.

At the moment the thing is not even in beta condition so I am not going to comment on all the things that are wrong. Probably the most obvious thing is problems with the braccae (pants).

I suggest not using the replacer esp at the moment as it has the most problems.

All the armor has some sort of historical source at its base (a movie does not count). I even went to the library as there is rather little info on the Germanic tribes on the internet. But of course it is not going to be perfect. Once I am done, I will write a short article on this matter.

The weapons and outfits are based on examples dating to the period between 100 B.C and 200 A.D., around the time of Caesar's Gallic wars but also the increasing Roman conflicts with the expanding Germanic tribes, although a lot of the designs, once they were introduced, were used over a long span of time.


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- Mods from my Imperial Affairs series.

AngryEw0k for providing the banner at the top of the page.

I also hope that others will pitch in to add content once this mod picks up speed.