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Added: 09/02/2013 - 12:48PM
Updated: 02/04/2016 - 11:02PM

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Last updated at 23:02, 2 Apr 2016 Uploaded at 12:48, 9 Feb 2013

Please Look First "sorry for my very Bad English":
I released the Preset mod Enb are only created presets to optimize using my knowledge of the other lights and shadows in the real world and then optimized for ENB mod enb released by ENB DEV and self original ENB ENB SERIES gives me after written request email use and modification of ENB SERIES only for the purpose of helping and creating presets and all rights of the original mod without any preset or modification remains in ENB DEV
Install and Use info:
Unzip all files withous Dir and insert to Skyrim EXE Dir, if Windows ask to overwrite look for clean all old files, if is my file mod preset overwrite only is sure :)
"if have found a bug of my mods or like ask a question or say a comment: and find DjDarthy"

"This if have found a bug of my mods or like ask a question or say a comment: and find DjDarthy or for Enb Engine Mod problems "

All My Mods User Rules is only 1:
After Download and Using my Mod, my: "DjDarthy" not responsible of your System/Game/Other problems
All Mods is Safe Virus and Various Malware Scanner Control Before Zip or Rar for Up

For Help Works do not Ask for Donation, only Help is Accepted from Modders or Bugs, Comments or Request

Thanks Both for Support Both

"This Older Message is Translated by Google Translator to English and is contained from now to all my new Mods or Updates"
In the hospital in my town was found in me a kind of neurological problem for now unknown, the causes of the control that I have done for now are the symptoms of memory loss, headaches or shine, these days other checks will be done and in any case are now mourning the death of my grandfather, in the fatal case that I do not there is more to the future of Nexus, Steam and video games in the near future I would like to thank you in advance friends and fans of my books available on amazon though because few many people try to throw discredit in every way and form to do so to make me feel bad for the sole reason of financial gain transposed from my belongings and those of the rest of my family who still use a little brain, so I will start by saying that to fight with all my strength against everything that stands before me as the way of life goes on, so again Thank you very much I love you all.
"Original Message Italian Language - Messaggio Originale in Italian, questo file sarà da oggi contenuto in ogni mia mod or aggiornamento da adesso"
Nel ospedale della mia città è stato trovato in me un problema neurologico di tipo per ora sconosciuto, le cause del controllo che ho fatto per ora sono i sintomi di perdite di memoria, lucidità o dolori alla testa, questi giorni altri controlli saranno fatti e comunque ora sono in lutto per la morte di mio nonno, nel caso fatale che io non ci sia più nel futuro di Nexus, Steam e video giochi in un futuro prossimo vorrei ringraziare in anticipo amici e fans dei miei libri disponibili su amazon anche se pochi perché molta gente tenta di buttarmi discredito in ogni modo e forma per fare modo di farmi stare male con il solo motivo di guadagno economico recepito dai miei averi e da quelli del resto della mia famiglia che ancora usano ancora un po di cervello, quindi premetto che cercherò di lottare con tutte le mie forze contro tutto ciò che mi si pone dinanzi mentre la via della vita va avanti, quindi ancora Grazie di cuore vi amo tutti. DjDarthy
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