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Updated: 26/01/2015 - 07:53AM

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Last updated at 7:53, 26 Jan 2015 Uploaded at 6:00, 9 Feb 2013


Changes the default count of items for sale in Alchemists merchant containers to a much higher value. This Includes all types potions, ingredients, & poisons. This mod is similar to Alchemists Have Ingredients, but does not use the "UseAll" flag so you do not get "fixed" amount of ingredients.

AVMSU - Normal Version:

Changes the default count of items for sale in Alchemists
merchant containers to a much higher value 4-15x. This Includes
all types potions and ingredients.

AVMSU - Balanced Version:

Slightly bumps up the number of ingredients, potions & poisons
alchemy vendors have and also added some guaranteed stock items
to their containers.

added more wheat and blisterwort to some containers, added
healing potions, some alchemy vendors get guaranteed stock of
ingredients for example Atub the wise woman from Largashbur the
place that usually gets visits from giants has giant's toe
for sale, the grave concoctions has a nice supply of nightshade,


Use only ONE plugin!

This mod directly modifies the values/quantity/amount of leveled items inside alchemy merchant containers, and so any mod that also directly alters these values will conflict with this mod. This mod does not alter leveled lists. Example: any mod that adds ingredients to leveled lists through by using "LItemApothecaryIngredientsCommon75", "LItemApothecaryIngredienstUncommon75", "LItemApothecaryIngredienstRare75" potions, and recipes will also show up in the alchemy merchant containers with a greater amount of quantity


V 1.10
- Includes both DB an TG containers added relevant ingredients
and potions and poisons in both versions

- Added relevant guaranteed ingredients, potions, & poison stock
to different alchemy vendors for the balanced plugin

- Added two optional plugins Balanced version, and Normal version

- Updated readme file

V 1.00
- Initial release