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Added: 09/02/2013 - 12:54AM
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"Engine bugs? What're those?"

What it does:

You've hit this bug, even if you don't know it. Every time you went to a place after the cell was supposed to reset, and wondered "hey why haven't those plants respawned yet?" it's this bug. When you go to Solitude and you see those Nightshade there and then you go grab a cup of coffee and come back and restart the game and they're gone, it's this bug. FloraRespawnFix.esp fixes this bug.

See, since the 1.3 patch there has been a bug in the Skyrim engine that it can't 'remember' that plants, mushrooms, nests, and some salmon have respawned, after you reload a save. So you might go to a place again, see that everything is as it should be (i.e. has respawned), then if you save and reload... poof! it's gone. You have to wait for the cell to reset again. You might not notice it unless you look for it, but I've seen it explained as "oh plants take 30 days to respawn" (they don't, they would normally respawn when the cell they're in resets - like anything else), or that certain plants just don't respawn (they all should), or whatever. Nope, bug. Most players have just gotten used to it.

Well, they don't have to get used to it anymore. This mod can't directly fix Skyrim.exe, but it can alter how these flora and fauna are processed by the executable, such that they are no longer affected by the bug.

Flora Respawn Fix thread on the Bethesda forum site

Many thanks to zilav for doing the work on TES5Edit, and DayDreamer (wasite?) for suggesting it to him in the first place (and doing heaps of testing, and letting me know about it). More of their effort and time went into 2.0 than my own. Thank you.


Place the contents of the archive in your Skyrim/Data directory. Works with Nexus Mod Manager.

Don't clean this mod. It isn't needed, and TES5Edit will break it if you do.

Don't use 1.x, as there are apparently some bugs which were causing crashes for some users. I'm not supporting 1.x anymore so those bugs won't get fixed - if you're still using 1.x you should upgrade.


Most things will be compatible unless they edit base FLOR and TREE records. In particular, mods that place new instances of vanilla flora, or move existing ones around, are compatible.


Q: What's with 2.x?
A: These use a (for now) hacked version of TES5Edit to add VMAD entries to TREE objects in the plugin. This is not supported by the CK, and it isn't supported in TES5Edit either. So, they are a bit hot-wired. They were in beta for two months though and people seem to like them better than the 1.x ones.

The upshot, is that they don't contain any world or cell edits. And, since they keep the original TREE objects in the game, the often-subtle wind animations are back. They are backward-compatible with the 1.x versions, although on existing games the animations will not come back from harvested objects until you harvest them once. Other than that, you should be able to upgrade seamlessly to 2.x if you like (just don't downgrade back to 1.x after you do).

In addition, since cell and worldspace edits are no longer necessary, this mod is now automatically compatible with new lands mods which use unplugged TREE and FLOR objects (e.g. Falskaar). Mods which add new TREE and FLOR harvestables will need to provide their own compatibility patches to fix the respawn bug. I will not make such patches - that is up to the author of that mod.

Q: Should I use the Convenient Horses Compatibility Patch with 2.0?
A: On existing saves where you upgrade to 2.0 you should continue to use it. On new games you don't need it.

Q: Will this mod wreck my save, increase file size to absurd levels, hurt performance, and otherwise ruin my day?
A: Probably not, although some caution is required. Once you start using this mod, it is unwise to uninstall and continue on after that. At a minimum, all the plants you have harvested will vanish from the game, never to return. Mushrooms, nests, and some salmon may also display odd behavior. This mod alters in a very fundamental way every plant object in the game. As such, you should play around with this mod a bit, make sure it's right for you, then commit to using it for the rest of that game (I can't imagine why you wouldn't). If not, revert to a save from before you started using this.

Q: Okay great but what about performance?
A: Oh, right. My testing has shown no performance impact in using this mod, that I can tell (I have a good computer, but it is not the latest and greatest by any stretch). Your save size will increase by approximately 5KB for each flora or fauna you harvest until that object respawns at which point the game will reclaim the space. This could become noticable if you harvest a lot of things in a short period of time.

Q: Will this mod fix stuff I've already harvested?
A: YES, but you have to help it do that a bit. When you reenter an area and you see that everything has respawned, HARVEST IT ALL WITHOUT RELOADING A SAVE. Only when you're sure you've gotten everything will it be safe to save your game and exit. The script that fixes things won't kick off until you harvest the item, so if you save and reload before that, Skyrim.exe is going to forget it respawned.


2.1.2 - Smoothed out a few conflicts with recent versions of USKP.

2.1.1 - Corrected an issue where sometimes references in the world would not be cleaned up completely until the player harvested them again.

2.1 - Merged all plugins into a single ESP. NOT BACKWARD COMPATIBLE with previous versions. Only use on a new save or a save that has never seen ANY previous version of Flora Respawn Fix before.

2.0 - Updated to use an alternate method to force the respawn. Brings back the animation on some flora (flowers, etc.). No worldspace or cell edits, so much better compatibility with other mods. BACKWARD COMPATIBLE with 1.x - nothing is required to upgrade, just drop it in. Things you already harvested with 1.x will need to be harvested again before the animation comes back.

1.x - Various updates here to incorporate USKP placement and other fixes.

1.0 - Initial release.