Complete Armor Set Scripts or Bat Commands by Jamm611
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Added: 09/12/2011 - 10:20AM
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I made these bat files for all the major sets, hope you Modders can use them, Makes it nice.

I tried to keep the filename short and simple, enjoy mates.

there are 35 text files.

Type the code below to get Full weapon and Armor Sets.

bat ancientnord
bat blades
bat daedric
bat dragon
bat ebony
bat elven
bat executioner
bat falmer
bat forsworn
bat fubar ----> Gag items
bat fur
bat glass
bat greybeard
bat hide
bat imperial
bat ingots
bat iron
bat karliah
bat leather
bat lunar
bat mage
bat nightingale
bat orcish
bat penitus
bat Psiijic
bat shrouded
bat skyforge
bat steel
bat stormcloak
bat summerset
bat thalmor
bat theholds --> All Shields
hat thieves
bat wedding
bat wolf

Install> Put in Data Folder.
Bring up console Type in Code.