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When I first saw a new unique weapon added by Dragonborn called Horksbane and that it was just another Steel Mace, I was dissapointed to say the least, I always pictured that a unique weapon should be unique and not "just the same as the other weapon but different stats" So I set about making this, it's a mace made out of Horker Tusks!.

I've set the tempering recipe to 1x Steel Ingot and 2X Horker Tusks, Also I've upped it in damage by 3 and lowered it in weight by 3. This is some information on it from The Elder Scrolls Wiki:

There's an optional file for those who want a more concave version of my Horksbane. Goes by the name of "Horksbane Revised" in the files section (I personally like this more than my original) so if you want the concave version: download Horksbane Redone install it in the correct folders, then download Horksbane Revised and overwrite the original Horksbane meshes.

Truth be told I could not have done it without SonnySpak I made the mesh but he got it into game and for that I say thank you Sonny you're a great friend.

Now you can thwack evil-doers with a tusked mace.

Onto business

---- Requirements ----

Dragonborn DLC
No new textures as the Horksbane goes off the default textures.

That's it really.
Darryl (MudCrabKing)

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