Survival and Needs Categorized Favorites Menu CFM Config by Tyrthyllanos
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By Tyrthyllanos

1920x1080 FullScreen "Categorized Favorites Menu " Configuration File.

Fully Supported:

All official DLC through Dragonborn.
I painstakingly scoured UESP to be certain that every new/unique item in Dragonborn that needed special attention will sort using this CFM config.

SkyRe V0.99.23
Wot3rdEra v1.51
Apocalypse Spells v3.04
Forgotten Magic v4.3.0
Blaze of Eventide v.1.5
U.F.O. 1.2i
Immersive Armor v6.0
Immersive Weapons v1.3
Faal Sizaan v1.01
Narquelion v1.0
Twister v1.0
Convenient Horses v4.5
Winter is Coming v2.1b
Bandoliers v1.101
Bandolier - Dawnguard v1.0
Daggercraft v1.4
JaySuS Swords v13d
Frostfall v2.0
Imps More Complex Needs V0.25b
Realistic Needs&Diseases 1.8.5
Basic Human Needs v1.04
Babettes Feast v1.1
*Planned Support for Last Seed by Chesko upon release

SKSE (as required by CFM) -

INSTALLATION: "favoritesmenu.cfg" belongs in your Skyrim/Data/Interface/ directory. The contents of the archive can simply be dropped into the Skyrim/Data folder for manual install; NMM SHOULD manage this automatically (I make no guarantees, I don't use NMM). The archive is BAIN ready for Wrye Bash users.

As the title suggests, this CFM config supports SURVIVAL AND NEEDS mods. An entire category is devoted to special items and abilities mostly from such mods, and food & drink is also given half a column.

This config has been designed with added "catch all" item keywords that I felt could be safely added to various categories without breaking anything, with a high likelihood of catching some mod-added items and correctly sorting them. These are sorted under \\General\\ with Vanilla & official DLC keywords. Efforts were taken to make the config easy to read, edit, and reuse. All permissions to do so are freely given (it's just a config file).

Current Version 1.0.6.:
There are now two layout choices - one which gives each magic school it's own list (which I've labeled the Mages version) and the original, "Warrior-friendly" layout. Both have had further keyword fixes and other general improvements. The "For Milk Drinkers" drink sublist was removed, now there's a "Thirst-Quenching Drinks" sublist that covers everything that isn't alcohol.

The "Warrior" version offers full-screen columns for for armor, weapons, and potions/poisons. The "Mage" version has a balanced layout, and both have the titular survival and needs mod support. There is no equipset information in these configs, I don't use them as I feel that hotkey mods supplant all their functionality with greater ease of use, while they take up valuable screen space.

Further adjusting the layout is a relatively simple endeavor, and I invite anyone who likes the concept, extra keywords, mod support, to edit this config to their liking and re-upload. There aren't enough CFM configs around to choose from!

Known Issues: Immersive Weapons currently contains two-handed Longswords. This conflicts with SkyRe's naming pattern, which I have given precedence. If you use the ReProccer with this config, it should sort itself out properly. Using Immersive Weapons WITHOUT SkyRe could require some minor editing (the keyword "longsword" should be added to the two_handed_weapons delimiter just above the layout section).

Thanks and Credit to:

FavMenuModder for creating Categorized Favorites Menu.

Everyone who has ever created a custom favorites menu layout for use with that mod, which I have probably pillaged for my own use at some point or another, or at least used as a learning tool.