G-String retex for Remodeled Armor CBBEv3M by MAK by arecaidianfox
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Added: 05/02/2013 - 04:19PM
Updated: 23/06/2013 - 05:48PM

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Last updated at 17:48, 23 Jun 2013 Uploaded at 16:19, 5 Feb 2013

Do you like a little armor with your armor?
Do you like MAK's Remodeled Armor for CBBEv3M anyway?
Then this retex may just be what is missing from your look!

It does what it says, puts a bit of armor and a few small details on the G-String in MAK's Remodeled Armor for CBBEv3M, and gives it a leathery look. Version 0.1 is detailed in the screens, version 0.2 has slightly darker leather of the same texture and a couple other minor touches added. Version 0.3 is a Dragonbone/Dragonscale retexture. Version 0.4 is an even darker-colored steel with a different texture for the main armor than previously used. Please note that due to the nature of this "mod" being a retexture, only one can be used at a time unless you the user find or devise a workaround.

The optional version 0.2b download is to correct the super-glossy look of the leather, toning it way down. The armored pieces are also tweaked to have just a tad less shine, about only 10% less. It was built with version 0.2 of the G-String retex, but the difference between it and version 0.1 is negligible enough that it can probably be used interchangeably with minimal or no issues. To install the fix, be sure you have one of the versions from the main file already in place, download version 0.2b, unpack it with WinRAR and merge the contained data folder with your Skyrim data folder. Or just follow the filepaths to their ends and replace the appropriate .dds file. Please note that this paragraph is essentially the readme for 0.2b, there isn't one included in the download. If you need to keep the instructions in front of you, keep this window open in your browser. As for v0.2b2, a.k.a., "Normalmap Fix Revisited," it is a normalmap fix, like 0.2b. However, this fix applies a more "realistic" look with even less gloss to the leather while retaining the shine of the metal bits, compatable with versions 0.1 and 0.2 of this retex only. To install, download and uncompress, and overwrite the following texture with it: \data\textures\armor\MAK\panty\ .

In case the obvious eludes you, or you simply cannot find it, here is the link to MAK's Remodeled Armors mod, which is required for this texture replacement.

Many thanks to Charismoon for the screenshots of version 0.1! She was kind enough to take the time from her own mods to take them for me since, try as I might, I cannot seem to get Skyrim to take screenshots. (Fortunately, that issue resolved itself)
Please be sure to check out her custom race mods!
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