A Rich Merchant Mod - Smugglers Lair by Ertos
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Added: 05/02/2013 - 04:32AM
Updated: 16/12/2013 - 05:30PM

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This mod add a marvelous merchant, lore friendly, in Skyrim. You want to know more?, keep reading. All text are in english, but all languages are supported. Also the other general goods stores will get 20.000 gold too.

This mods adds a new location in North Skyrim, an underground lair with a merchant called "El Buhonero" (Spanish Resident Evil 4 Tribute :D). The merchant store is similar to Belethor's shop in Witherun, but with 20.000 gold coins to buy your stuff!

As you can see this is a 1.2 version so it's stable, no ctd's granted and no corrupted save games. Maybe I will add another merchant who buys your stolen stuff, so why only the Riften thugs can do that?. The scope of this mod is make a location "low-pc quality friendly" so the place is not cluttered with stuff and lights.

If you move around the Lair, you will find a book with a brief history about "El Buhonero", after read it you will know why this guy are here!

The Lair got crafting things, including foundry for ingots and cooking stuff. There are some chests in too, the Smugglers can't open they so they sell you lockpicks (This will be added soon!).

Is just an esp so you can install it with Nexus mod manager very easy, or another mod manager.

All compatible! I've got plenty mods already running and Smugglers Lair don't give any problem. You can use it with Immersive Weapons, Immersive Armors, JaySuS Swords, etc. Hypothermia works well to, you can heat yourself in!.

Are you serious? all is vanilla stuff!.

-No reupload this files to other sites.
-No modify my files without my permission.
-No use my mod in other mods.
-Contact with me if you want to do something like this.
-You can post the link to this mod in forums or wiki's, but remember to not reupload this files.

So that's all about the initial release of this mod. Planned?, well I want to improve this mod, I really like read your suggests for ideas so keep commenting!

For now:

-Add a new merchant. Stolen goods dealer and lockpick vendor.
-Improve the lights and FX ( I will like to see how this mod works in other PC's before do this).
-Maybe put armors from mod's into the shop.

-Added two lights, added a bed.

-Improved Lighting.

-Initial Release.

Intensive Dungeons -WIP- (Featuring more dungeons, don't break the lore)
Horned Hairstyles
Daefling Race

Spanish description and translation coming soon, stay tuned!
La traduccion al castellano de la descripcion y el mod estar√° pronto. ¬°Manteneos informados!