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Added: 04/02/2013 - 12:09AM
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This mod aims to rebalance the perk system in Skyrim by fiddling with numbers and boni provided through these perks. Below you see the changes this mod provides (if something is not listed, then there were no changes made; or I forgot about it lulz :P ).
I recommend you to use my mod, especially when you are used to play sneaky, stealthy characters, or you are getting mad because of illusion spells getting useless in higher level game, or if you just hate to accumulate gold way too fast.

I will continue to work on this one to a point, when total balance and fun is guaranteed (Maybe add some scripts in future). Please leave some feedback (pro/con) to help me out there.

Changes so far

  • Magic Perks -> More magicka cost than vanilla but greater magnitude as vanilla.
  • Armor Perks -> More realistic (Heavy Armor is for those who want to battle in meele combat, and thus will be able to withstand quite a few attacks. While you also gain the bonus of light armor perks, while not wearing any armor at all or wearing no heavy armor piece)
  • Weapon Perks -> More difference between using one or two handed weapons, aswell as using an axe, sword, mace or even daggers
  • Alchemy -> completely buffed: Potions/Poisons more powerful
  • Enchanting -> Elemental resistance nerved (best vanilla enchantment granted 70% resistance to one kind, now only 40% -> you need to craft/buy resistance potions or use my custom spells). Enchanting in general buffed (except of the elemental resistances).
  • Adds some custom spells (more will be coming). So far: Elemental resistance spells and one destruction spell


  • more balancing in magic perk trees
  • better light armor perks (I'm quite happy about my heavy armor perks)
  • creating a changelog file (will be added soon, hopefully)


No requirements (only skyrim.esm ofc)


Could be incompatible with other mods changing perks.

Credits & Thanks

  • Thanks to Bethesda for Skyrim.
  • Special thanks to the nexus-community and modders, as they manage to astonish me again and again with their awesome files.