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Added: 09/12/2011 - 02:32AM
Updated: 29/12/2011 - 12:07AM

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Last updated at 0:07, 29 Dec 2011 Uploaded at 2:32, 9 Dec 2011

This mod was made based on the great Mining Faster "or" Mining More mod from Shittakaburi
So if you want ONLY faster or ONLY more, go grab his! I am not stealing his work! :)

So I made 4 Different versions, (2 new update after Shittakaburi's tips)

as a reference vanilla is 9 swings of pickaxe for 3 ore

New Versions :
2x more ore with 2/3 amount of swings = total of 6 ores harvested in 6 swings of the pickaxe
3x more ore with 1/3 of the swings = total of 9 ores harvested in 3 swings of the pickaxe
(this one might give you 9 ore or 9 gems about 10% of the time)

+ the ones I had before :
4x more ore and 2x more swings = total of 12 ores harvested in 18 swing of the pickaxe
9x more ore and 3x more swings = total of 27 ores harvested in 27 swings of the pickaxe

If you are going to mine a node that you have already discovered the area then the script might not work to give you more ore since they were already "created" before...

to install :
Simply put the script folder into your data folder
(or use the nexus download manager)

To uninstall (if not using mod manager)
Simply delete "mineorescript.pex" from your "\Data\Scripts" folder.

Thats it! Enjoy! :)