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Added: 09/12/2011 - 01:03AM
Updated: 15/12/2011 - 04:02PM

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Last updated at 16:02, 15 Dec 2011 Uploaded at 1:03, 9 Dec 2011

This little mod makes all arrows and quiver or just quiver look the same (except Forsworn, Falmer and Ancient Nord).
Texture of quiver was slightly changed to better suit Thief's Guild Master Armor.

For those who want to keep original arrows look there is "Just Quiver" version.
It will keep fully original look of arrows and it's even compatible with any arrows texture mods.

Made optional mesh mod for AurelioMagherelli. This opt file will replace steel arrows quiver on Nord Hero quiver model. Enjoy.

Ver. history:
1.01a - Added daedric to list.
1.1b - Made alternate version that keeps original arrows look.
1.11b - Fixed CTD cases caused by glitched Ebony model. Slight arrows reposition. Quiver color made more grey to better suit an arrows and armor.
2.0b - New arrows look. For now just "Arrows and Quiver" version. Optional darker arrows texture added.

INSTALLATION: Copy folders Meshes and Textures to your Data folder. If you got prev version just overwrite it.
INSTALL_NOTE: This mod is modular! If you don't want to replace particular quiver then just don't copy corresponding folder to Meshes.

UNINSTALLATION: Delete copied at installation stage files from data folder.

This is still only a test version so don't judge to hard. :)
Though any feedback is much appreciated. I'm not grandmaster of texturing so something may be done not really right and something even may be done really wrong. Any comments about my mistakes are welcomed!

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