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Added: 02/02/2013 - 08:55PM
Updated: 08/08/2014 - 11:25PM

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Last updated at 23:25, 8 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 20:55, 2 Feb 2013

This mod adds the lands of Majora's Mask. It is inspired by the game, but will not be an exact replica. I would say about 65% complete, but released to receive input; so please leave comments! Purly fan-made recreation. Zelda franchise belongs to Nintendo.

Portal can be found near Falkreath. Check map, you should be able to fast travel to "portal to clock town". It's just a door on the back of a building. There's another portal near there as well.

Also, looking for TEMPLE DESIGNERS, custom meshes, scripters, voice actors, ect. message me! Can't do this all alone :(

Clock Town with: Milk Bar, Lottery Shop, Swordsman's School, Stock Pot Inn, Mayor's Residence, Observatory Path, Laundry Pool, Post Office, Trading Shop, Curiosity Shop
Great Bay Coast
Mountain Village
Goron Village
Termina Field
Southern Swamp
Milk Road
Gorman Track
Ikana Canyon
Inside of Moon
Pirate's Fortress
Zora Hall
Woodfall (area not temple)
Deku Kingdom
Ikana Kingdom

The world is basically completed! All that's left is detail. Lots and lots of detail...

Suggestions welcome!

Update 8/8/14
Termina and everything in it is one world space, welcome to Termina Island!
World lod, not complete but there
Clock Town residents
Story dialogue for Anju's granny
Dialogue for Tingle
New dialogue for Mask Salesman (put on a mask in the chest nearby and talk to him)
Graveyard boss area
Deku shooting mini game area

Update 5/21/2014
Termina Field Updates
Path to Great Bay Coast Update
Path to Mountain Village Update
Added Hylian Race

Update 3/23/2014
Completely new Clock Town
HUGE Southern Swamp update
Minor Updates

Update 10/22/2013
Lots of custom pieces to Clock Town
Added music to Clock Town and clock tower - Thanks to the Zreo team
Some landscape updates
Clock Town remains UNFINISHED. This custom stuff is too much for me to handle, could use some help.
New backpack for Happy Mask Salesman - Mage Backpack by Tumbajamba

Update 8/10/2013
Major update to Ikana Canyon (hopefully it actually feels like a canyon)
Added Guru-Guru
Added Bombers
Added Grog (chicken guy)
Update to Great Fairy's Fountain
BIG update to Clock Town
Improved Clock Tower with animation
Various small improvements

Update 5/27/13
Fixed Cicero bug with backpack
Fixed Clock Tower collision mesh
Added Woods of Mystery (50% complete)
Updated path to the Southern Swamp
Check out Great Fairy Fountain in Clock Town, could use suggestions
Added Puppy Racetrack
Added Romani Chicken Coop
Totally remade Gorman Racetrack
Greatly improved Great Bay Coast
Minor updates to Ikana Canyon

Update 3/31/13
Not the biggest update, but some awesome developments!
The Clock Tower is finally here! Big thanks to Gannord for the model and textures.
Added Anju with simple conversation
Added custom carpet to Mayor's Residence
Added a wall texture to Clock Town (still WIP)

Update 2/9/13
Finished Deku Kingdom layout (use tcl to navigate to maze area)
Added Ikana Kingdom area
Added Dampe
Added dialogue to Mask Salesman, turn subtitles on

Mage Backpack by Tumbajamba
Music by the ZREO team
Textures from Innovation Team
Hylain Race from MaGlas