Mystery Modders Beautiful Whiterun by MysteryModder
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Added: 02/02/2013 - 04:53PM
Updated: 30/08/2014 - 02:37PM

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Last updated at 14:37, 30 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 16:53, 2 Feb 2013

First of all THIS IS NOT MY MOD it has been made by Mystery modder for his personal use but given to me to do with as i please so I'm uploading it here for the nexus community.

This is a complete re-texture of Whiterun (folder) except for the Gildergreen tree which has already been done brilliantly by the skyrim flora overhaul mod by vurt and the rugs which have been done by raiserfx in his Detailed Rugs mod. This mod will also change many of the textures in the hearthfire player homes. Textures will look more detailed and reflect light more realistically, paint on wood for instance. This is a huge rework of every single texture in whiterun which will replace all the HD texture pack and also all the original textures that bethesda could not be bothered to do, a total of 137 files are included in this pack.

This will cause no compatibility problems with other mods such as 2k as this will replace all files not just a few bits so there is no blending to do. SMIM was just using vanilla textures with a changed mesh so this looks better with SMIM than SMIM's own textures just overwrite SMIM with this.

The files are all 2048-4096 resolution so you may find you loose a few FPS for me its fine but if your low on VRAM it may be to much (there will be no low res version made so please don't ask).

The textures themselves are reworks of the vanilla textures so no big changes to the overall look except it looks so much better :) just take a look at the windows!.

I have no idea what these textures look like with ENB so i will leave that for you to judge, please upload some screenshots people! good or bad I'm interested to see.

If you like the mod give a thanks to Mystery Modder and endorse it.

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I suggest using NMM this will let you install and uninstall easily without loosing any data you had installed previously if its not to your liking or Just unzip the archive and extract the files into your Skyrim directory and overwrite if asked.