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This is mainly a modder resource.
The plugin adds some new spawnpoints which are distributed by geographical order.
Modders who add new creatures can spread them now easily with bio-geographical order.
Some creatures could only live in the pineforest, some in the fallforest, some on the ice shelves and so on.
The main purpose is an enhanced immersion.

There is also an esp with a couple of creatures. Most creatures are small and hard to find - but you can spot the ice horkers on the ice shelves very easily.
Those creatures base on the textures from the modders which i list in the credits-section. The textures are not the work of my own. I put them only in the world of skyrim.

I have added Hoddminirs beautiful water plants from Elinen and Ztree to Skyrim.
It's a standalone - you don't need the other files.
Should be compatibel to Vurts Flora Overhaul and Water.
Those textures are not my work. Please look at the credit-section!

Put the files in your Skyrim/Data-Folder and check the boxes in your launcher.

Delete the files. No trouble with save games.

Because this mod adds only its own spawnpoints it should be compatible with everything.

Wrye bash helps to avoid conflicts with leveled lists!

Future plans:
Adding Waterplants to the lakes. (Done but may still need tweaking)
Finetuning of the spawnpoints.
Maybe more spawnpoints.
Maybe more creatures.
Maybe AI-Tweaks.

I have used the textures of the following modders:
Stephanie Young


Vandr 2012


Also my mod would have been very hard to be made without this mod from Acid Zebra

Inspired by this blog:
Geography of Skyrim

Map credit to the UESP.