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Last updated at 4:00, 20 Sep 2013 Uploaded at 19:26, 31 Jan 2013

Creator: killermn
Scripter: GauntApollox
Level Editor: NordRaider88
Arsenal Editor:Omnibruce
Level Editor/Writer: Terabytic

They have returned. Their reason yet unknown.

First to say, I am so sorry guys that the mod is not being updated for such a long time. We are right now at a stand still as most of us (including me) are not able to work on the mod. This is due to school/work or other projects. Once again this happens and still my fault. But on another note, we will add 3/4 new oblivion worlds and 2 of which have never been shown in an elder scrolls game (AFAIK). I hope you guys look forward to this and interiors are pretty much not finished, each interior is special in its own way and this requires me to draw out plans (which requires time I yet do not have). Anybody can help in anyway please contact me ASAP. I will try to get the project working again as soon as I can but no promises, do not worry I will NOT abandon this project.

This mod aims to bring hours of gameplay to your Skyrim. Quests, armors, weapons, and NPCs are just the beginning of what this mod will offer. We will give you more options; possibilities; prospects. For instance, you'll be given multiple choices in main quest storylines. Don't want to kill Parthunax? No problem.

We also have a stratagem on adding faction control. Who wins, who loses, it all counts to determining what happens next.

The Dwemer have, contrary to common belief, not died out. They have instead relocated to a land they conjured into existence by using a device called The Heart of Lorkhan, Tjiamat. Yogstrad was one of the main components to the success of the land, aided by the New Dwemer Foundation of Tamriel, or NDFT. Yogstrad was considered a war hero to the Dwemer. This high regard of him was formed when he sacrificed his soul to Mehrunes Dagon to give the Dwemer invulnerable access to The Heart of Lorkhan, Tjiamat.

Realistic dungeon environment, which has increased difficulty at hardcore.
New lands
New armor and weapons
New animals

Add all of the world spaces and dungeons we currently plan to have
Start scripting the quests
Add the new NPCs we have in mind such as cyborgs (half dwemer, half robot).
More weapons and armors.
More vast interaction.
Whole new decision making quest story line which will affect rewards and how the story progresses.


killermn (Creator, designer)
Nordraider88(Co-Creator, designer)
Zuhon(Designer, thread designer)

This mod MAY require SKSE.

It's recommended you save in a new slot, in case you make a wrong decision.

The mod is in heavy development, and updates are being released frequently.

I will only release new versions in large updates. Unless required otherwise.

The world(s) have not been navmeshed yet.

The mod hasn't been optimized yet. This will be fixed soon.

Please play this mod in first person for best gameplay.

To test the new items go to our test room; type in console "coc customtestroom" (without the quotes)

-Please acknowledge that I have had installed SKSE whilst making this mod. So I am not sure if needed or not. Not much scripting done so far.
-We recommend saving in a new slot every more often than you do as this dungeon is very hard and you might make wrong decision.
-This is STILL in heavy development, so new content will be released.
-I will only update in big patches until at later date when I have most of mod put together. (unless necessary)
-This mod has not yet been meshed so followers are not to be taken in yet.
-This mod has not yet been optimized so lag is possible.(unlikely though)
-To bring you the best experience possible please play this mod in first person.
-To test the new items go to our test room; type in console "coc customtestroom" (without the apostrophe) it has a few bugs which I plan to fix.


Resource/Texture Credits:

Ironman5000 (for the "oblivious" modifications)
stroduces (for the floating islands)
varlaisaran (for the incredible white buildings)
lati100 (for the lava textures)
MCR and Hanaisse (for the oblivion gates)
xRevan117x and luddemann (for the colourful dragon textures)
Tonynarko67 (for the dwarven statue)
prinzlk (for the movable brail)
lamer1000 (for that awesome daedric assassin armour)
Blakflag (for the landscape textures)
Grohiik (for the awesome mechanical dragons)
Alienslof (for the incredible animal textures)
AdamTM (for landscape editing and level editing)

Sorry if I have not yet credited you, please tell me and I will update this.

There is currently no structured quest, however if you'd like to try out what we have so far, go to the entrance west of Riverwood, alongside the mountain near Bleak Falls Barrow.

Console commands: coc location <-example
yogstraddungeon----Yogstrad's Dungeon
themaze-----------------The Maze
guardianspit------------Guardian's Pit
customtestroom-------Our test room where we will put most of the things in we have not yet implemented (door to island)

Any other mods with the same name or purpose are completely coincidental and we are not in any way related or even inspired by them.
Such as this mod:
^We did not acknowledge its existence at the time of creation and we have no contact with that mod or its owner/author whatsoever.

Extra Credits:

Max Fawkes
(X) Also many thanks to those people who endorsed, it means a lot! (X)