XP32 Maximum Skeleton Katana Style by XP32 edit by Bootaka
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First thing is, this is not my creation. It belongs to XP32 = v1.4

Second thing is, because of the nature of this mod, any swords with scabbards and have an lanyard will cause the lanyard to face away from the body. As such, this is only intended for use with swords with scabbards without lanyards. It is also not recommended to use this without a custom race for the same reason.

At a request of a friend I flipped the right hand sword and dagger sheath nodes upside down to give the "Katana Style" appearance. The 2h weapon, Quiver, and Bow nodes have also been adjusted to allow for minimum clipping. I reduced clipping as much as I could, while remaining close enough to make things appear not to float. In some cases small clipping was chosen in order to reduce more noticeable acts. Clipping worsens with movement, but reduced as much as possible.

XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS = These files only contain a single edited version of male or female skeletons.
FNIS = or XP32's arm patch = is also required. And everything else XP32's skeletons require (realistic rag dolls)

Custom race that uses a custom skeleton location
Male Nodes were set using 50% weight slider Sundracon's meshes =
Female Nodes were set using 100% weight slider and UNPB body meshes in UNP female armors
Insanity's Celtic Katanas =
Insanity's Steel Bow =
Blades Samurai Armour and Kimonos =
Arrows (Caspian or Hero) = Ariyan Weapon Pack =
9601 Armed to the Teeth - easy version =
Other results will vary.

Required Installation; Manual Installation only. Make a backup.
1) Install XP32's Skeletons,
2) Install the XP32 Arm Patch fix or FNIS =
3) Overwrite XP32 Skeletons with these

Permissions; As I am not the author of these files I claim no credit. Any mistakes I claim in the name of Bootaka!
Original Author's permissions = "Permissions: You 100% have my full permission to use this skeleton to create custom clothing, animations, etc. In fact I'm practically begging you to do so. So please, use it, publish it, and enjoy."