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The Sword Of The One Eyed Crow.
Installation: Put these files in you Skyrim data folder. When you lunch the game click Data files: make sure that the Sword of the one eyed crow.esp is box is checked.

-You can buy sword at Eorlund Greymane or forge it yourself.

-Recipe "3 ebony 2 steel, 3 leather strips, 2 leather and 2 sapphires.

Special thanks to DoubleBrewski for helping me making the sword forgeable.

The Sword Of The One Eyed Crow is an old sword from a time when the first dragons roamed skyrim.

If you dont want to craft it or buy it type in the consol: "player.additem 000001aa 1" for one-handed,
"000002aa" for two-handed.

The Damage has been edited to match the feedback of the comments :)