Whiterun Hold Independant Camp by Galaad1600
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!!! I'm French, sorry for my poor English !!!


1- requirement.
2- description.
3- location.
4- future updates.
5- message for modders.
6- Changelog.

1- requirement.

This file require Official Skyrim DLC: Hearthfire. A lot of HF resources are used in my mod.

2- description.

W.I.P. This is my first mod. This is the new version of "Whiterun Hold bakery". I change the name because of the multiple changes. It's always a small, high detailed place principaly make for players' screenshots. The mod features the main building (bakery/inn), the reserve and the land all around.
Now you can find a merchant close to the main road, a garden, a Talos shrine with another Breton merchant, above the garden and a first guard walk. The reserve is locked but the key have been included somewere...
WHIC is not a useful mod, as I said, the principal goal of this first work is only to allow players to take some screenshots of their character.

3- location.

The bakery is near Whiterun, to the north-west. See screenshots.

A marker will be placed in furur updates.

4- future updates.

- Add NPCs like, a miner, guards, dogs, a merchant, hunters, farmers.
- Add a marker.
- Add more buldings to the camp
- Add guard walks all around the camp.
- Improve the Navmeshes.

5- message for modders.

I don't want to give permissions because this work can be made by anybody whitout my mod as base.

6- changelog.

Change the original name to "Whiterun Hold Independant Camp"

Add a Talos shrine, replace the middle statue with another one.

Add a new merchant.

Changes in th land.

Second work on exterior Navmeshes.

Some new details (lights, insects, fire sound...)

Add a merchant outside the bakery and a building with a tanning rack and a work bench behind the bakery.

Minors changes in the land.

First work on exterior Navmeshes.

Add an innkeeper, and another NPC.

Minors changes in the land.

Complete NavMeshes for the bakery.

Fix the ore vein issues.

Fix the "underground goats".