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This is mod is based on "Realistic Loot" at . Please check it out to get a good idea of its basic features. All the hard work was done by rohverK. Also, if you like this mod PLEASE endorse rohverK at his page before you ever do so here. I will really appreciate that.

The difference betweent this mod version and his is :

1- That this one strips most of the magical effects off the organs and food.
2- This mod provides a MCM menu that may expand as users make suggestions and ask nice.
3- Additionally, quantities are toned down to single digits in most cases.
4- Entire loot on death system rebalanced and reassigned. Loot makes lore sense now.
5- Special effort is made not to unbalance the game with OP items. Thus the MCM menu to allow you to make your own choices.


Advanced MCM Menu (iPhone pics, cannot screenshot a MCM menu :-( )


1) Players who want more varied or larger treasure drops
2) Warewolves and Vampires
3) Cannibals
4) Alchemists
5) Players who need a health boost or stamina boost in the midst of battle. I play a mage and find this very handy. Specially running my main mod, Sands of Time .


The mod attemtps to make loot lists more realistic by:

1) Providing possible organs when you kill :

Argonian Falmer Mudcrab
Bear Fox Orc
Chaurus Giant Rabbit
Chicken Goat Sabrecat
Cow Hagraven Skeever
Daedra Horker Slaughterfish
Deer Horse Spider
Dog Human Troll
Dragon Kajiit Undead
Elf Mammoth Vampire and Wolf

Most organs will be brains, hearts, and viscera (guts). There is a chance of each appearing. They can serve as food and a boost of stamina and/or health. A MCM menu is provided to allow you to decide how much health and stamina boost each organ type gives.

2) Giving NPCs the chance of having scarce items, have some uncommon junk, small quantity of common food and drinks, though sometimes nothing at all. The purpose is to simulate an inventory of an adventurer who may find items here or there. In the spirit of one mans treasure is another mans junk, some items may surprise you.

Adds 5 new Pelt/Skin/Hide: Dog, Mammoth, Troll, Frost Troll and Horker
Add more +140 new Ingredients and +90 Potions (under Blood and cookable Meats) with unique effects.

Future of this mod: Depends on you guys. For my purpose I like it as is, but suggestions are welcome. This was primarily for StayFrosty05, and then I liked the boosts from eating brain and hearts and guts. Sad but true.

I specially need suggestions on the potions you can make. I need to know which are over powered, which should be changed, and how. I don't do the alchemist side too much.


To obtain NPCS to kill and collect the parts from please use my encounter mod:

Sands of Time at