Blackbane Tower by ArtificialSloth
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This is a dark tower off the coast of Dawnstar guarded by a dragon. A small island where it is always raining sought by many adventurers who seek Blackbanes room of gold. Blackbane is an ancient Nord warrior who hunted Deadric lords. He sometimes took captives to show the Tamriel that the Dremora where weak.


The tower is located slightly northwest of Dawnstar. If you don't want to fast travel there is a boat near the Dawnstar sanctuary that will take you there.

You can find the claw in a small building in the side of a wall in Blackreach near the tower of Mzark.


A tower home for the player off the coast of Dawnstar.
4 new npc's.
3 plaques
3 display cases.
5 mannequins.
A skyforge.
Enchanting and alchemy tables.
Tanning rack.

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