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Ancient Greek Steel Armor

Is fancy armor your Achillies heel? Do you sometimes think it would be cool to have an awesome, multi-colored mohawk without the commitment of having to keep it for several weeks? Do imperials masquerading as Romans piss you off and make you want to masquerade as a Greek warrior and kill them all? Well now you can download this mod and have all your dreams come true!

A Word from the Author
This is my second armor for Skyrim, although I started work on this before the Conquistador armor. I had originally planned to create a male and female version, but for now it is only for females. The armor was built on top of the UNP body, but It should work well over vanilla as well. The helmets will work for all non-beast races of both genders.

Have fun! And don't forget to kill responsibly!

How to Aquire the Armor!

Option 1:
-Go to the location identified in the screenshots and find it!

Option 2:
-Craft it at the forge with the steel armor crafting skill!

Option 3:
- Press ~ to open up the cheat menu
- Type help "Ancient Steel" and press enter
- You should see a list of all 5 items and their numerical codes
- Type player.additem 66666666 1 and replace the 6s with the code of the item you want to spawn
- Do this for all 4 pieces and fertig!

My Other Mods


-Bethesda - For this epic game!

-The author and contributors of the "Creating an Armour for Skyrim" tutorial - Without this I would not have created this armor for Skyrim! link

-Dimon99 for the UNP body link