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Apothecary Inventory Rebuild

Increases the number and variety of ingredients for sale by Apothecaries. Optional addition of a small chance for Jarrin Root to be present in Apothecary inventory. Now with Dawnguard support thanks to jack013.

Reason for mod:
I love alchemy in Skyrim. The experimentation it allows is one of my favorite 'mini games' to spend time on and it can be a great money maker. On top of that, having the right potion/poison in your inventory can turn the tide of a fight in your favor when it is going tough and you realize it has been 30 minutes since you last saved. Finally, of the three crafting skills I find it the most versatile, as it can provide such a huge array of effects, both positive for my character and negative for my enemies. So when trying to limit myself to concentrating on a single crafting skill, I choose alchemy 9 times out of 10.

One thing I hate, however, is the fact that what is stocked by Apothecaries as common, uncommon, and rare didn't make too much sense a lot of the time. Why are Deathbell and Nightshade considered rare when I can take a carriage to Morthal or Solitude straight from Whiterun an hour into the game and pick bunches of them? I thought it would make more sense to have the items available be determined more by how dangerous they would be to procure. It is certainly more dangerous for the average adventurer to gather Troll Fat or a Bear Claw than to pick some Frost Mirriam or Blue Butterfly Wings, but those 4 items are all lumped together in the uncommon category when randomly generating Apothecary inventory.

Another thing was the randomness of what you could find. I would invariably have plenty of gold and the desire for one ingredient I wanted to get my hands on for a specific potion when I walked into an Apothecary. But I would be disappointed when there were none available to buy when their inventory was revealed.

My solution to these two annoyances are to -

1. Create new Leveled Lists that reorganize the ingredients into 4 tiers based on how dangerous they are for an average adventurer (the person the Apothecary buys stock from) to get their hands on.
* Tier 1 - Easy as picking a flower or catching a butterfly (Mountain Flowers, Luna Moth Wings, Torchbug Thorax, etc.)
* Tier 2 - Potentially braving weak enemies or gathering from somewhat unsafe areas (Mudcrab Chitin, Slaughterfish Eggs, Bleeding Crown, etc.)
* Tier 3 - Defeating common, "middle of the road" enemies or exploring dangerous dungeon areas (Chaurus Eggs, Sabre Cat Eyeball, Dwarven Oil, etc.)
* Tier 4 - Besting the toughest opponents the game has to offer and looting the prizes from their remains (Troll Fat, Giant's Toe, Briar/Daedra Heart, etc.)

2. Increase the number of ingredients available in vendor stock. The numbers will differ based on the type of Apothecary and random chance, but all have been increased to have potentially 100 to 280 items in addition to the normal vanilla stock.

Additionally, I took the liberty of adding a couple missing items into the potential stock, namely Crimson Nirnroot (very small chance of appearing and increased in value) and Glowing Mushroom. There is also a chance for Orc and Dark Brotherhood Apothecaries to sell Human Flesh and Human Hearts.

Finally, I added the appropriate keyword to the ingredients listed below so they will now appear in Apothecary inventory without the player having to purchase the 'Merchant' perk from the Speech skill tree. It made no sense to me that these were excluded without that perk when they appear in the vanilla game's leveled item lists for Apothecaries, therefore SHOULD be for sale without the player having to purchase the perk. The ingredients are:
- Bear Claws
- Blue Dartwing
- Eye of Sabre Cat
- Honeycomb
- Human Flesh
- Human Heart
- Large Antlers
- Mudcrab Chitin
- Orange Dartwing
- Pearl
- Powdered Mammoth Tusk
- Sabre Cat Tooth
- Small Pearl
- Torchbug Thorax
- Wisp Wrappings

What makes this mod different than other inventory changing mods is that this one reclassifies some of the hard to get ingredients making them easier to find for purchase. In addition, it increases not only the overall number but also the variety of ingredients that are available to purchase. Other mods have increased the number available of each item in the vanilla stock while not actually increasing how many different items are in the vendor inventory. So you would end up with a 20+ of a handful of specific items but still see zero of a lot of others. With this mod, if you go to an Apothecary in a major hold capital you will be very likely to see a minimum one of each item for sale.

The number available of each tier of items depends on the type of Apothecary you visit. Those in major hold capitals (Markarth, Riften, Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm) will have more than those in minor hold capitals (Dawnstar, Falkreath, Morthal) or what I categorize as specialty Apothecaries (Herluin Lothaire or an Apothecary Spouse).
Those in an Orc Stronghold (Dushnikh Yal, Largashbur, Mor Khazgur, Narzulbur) or that are dangerous themselves (Babette) will have a different distribution based on the fact that they have access to folks (themselves or others) that will brave tougher areas and enemies. These are the best vendors to find more "dangerous" ingredients at.

* Angeline's Aromatics
* Arcadia's Cauldron
* Elgrim's Elixirs
* The Hag's Cure
* The White Phial
* Grave Concoctions
* Thaumaturgist's Hut
* The Mortar and Pestle
* Atub (Largashbur) --- NOTE: Set as Apothecary vendor by Unofficial Skyrim Patch v.1.2.5 (not personally confirmed)
* Bolar (Narzulbur)
* Murbul (Dushnikh Yal)
* Sharamph (Mor Khazgur)
* Herluin Lothaire (The Ragged Flagon)
* Heljarchen Apothecary --- NOTE: Not utilized in vanilla...possibly by Hearthfire? I do not own it to check.
* Babette (Dark Brotherhood)
* Spouse Apothecary

The main file (Apothecary Inventory Rebuild) contains only the overhaul of Apothecary inventories as described above.
The optional file (Apothecary Inventory Rebuild with Jarrin Root) includes the addition of Jarrin Root as a very rare and expensive item in Apothecary inventories based on another of my mods (

- If you want to use just the overhaul of Apothecary inventories, use only the MAIN file of this mod.
- If you want to use both the overhaul of Apothecary inventories and the addition of Jarrin Root to Apothecary inventories, use EITHER the OPTIONAL file of this mod OR the OPTIONAL file of that mod. Do not use files from both mods!
- If you want to use just the addition of Jarrin Root to Apothecary inventories, use the MAIN file of that mod.
- New optional file available that includes Dawnguard ingredients and Apothecaries. All credit for the additions to this file goes to jack013. Thank you for the help! I did take the .esp provided and repackage it with the standard readme file. Note that I cannot even open this file without Dawnguard.esp on my system so unfortunately I will be unable to respond to any questions/concerns on this version.

Extract the .esp file to your Skyrim Data folder (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data) and enable it in a way appropriate for the mod manager of your choice. I use NMM and that means I just have to check the box next to the file in the plugins tab.

Delete the .esp file.

This mod adds some new Leveled Item Lists which should not conflict with anything.
It also modifies the ingredient records listed above, plus Crimson Nirnroot, and changes the merchant stock of the above people/shops (the optional version alters the Jarrin Root record, too). If any other mod you have modifies those same records, then they will conflict and the one lower in your load order will be the one that is active. A merge patch should resolve this issue for you and is very simple to make for yourself using TES5Edit. If you let me know of any mods that do conflict I can try to make a merge patch available, assuming the other mod author gives me permission.

For personal use, feel free to do anything you want with this. If you are going to use a part or all of this in a mod of your own or repost it, please make me aware of it and provide credit as appropriate.

Parting Comments:
Like I said above, I love alchemy in Skyrim. But I hate harvesting and being weighed down while exploring out in the world. I do it when I start every character, but at a point fairly early in the game (level 10 or so) I always find myself with bunches of gold and would love to just stock up on tons of ingredients at an Apothecary. For someone who doesn't use fast travel (I don't fast travel) and keeps vanilla inventories, that is a time consuming proposition with many loading screens, carriage rides, and plenty of running between shops. This minimizes that by making each stop much more satisfying and profitable. Plus it helps by making all ingredients available in Apothecary shops without the need for spending perks in the Speech skill tree, which is the way I feel it should be.

Version 1.0
- Initial release