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Castle Draco High Rrothgar Edition
Updated to 5.4 Completed Aug 19, 2013

---5.4 Added loose meshes and textures for the coin piles to fix issue that was reported in comments.

I am going to move on to another project. I will still do bug fixes from time to time but, I am not doing any major changes to this mod. So just report bugs to me send me a picture or message and I will update the fixes. Plan to do an update soon on the nav meshes and floating fish. But, I have no set date.

Current Safe version to use Cleaned and Well tested.

Castle Draco Riverwood Edition by Centurion and Draco1122 Version 5.3.

----This is a conversion mod of my Castle Draco mod since in 1.77 the mod Broke. So I was looking for a new player home and came across the mods Castle Riverwood and Rest in peace. I liked them so much I asked the authors if I could make a Larger Castle mod using their mods with mine. They said yes and here we go the first release of Castle Draco Riverwood Edition. A player home with all you will ever need.


Go to Riverwood enter the castle courtyard purchase the book and read the book history of Castle Draco, Then talk to Mal' com. Purchase the Journal, read journal, and get the key at the end of the cave. Enjoy your new home.

WHERE IS THE KEY THE JOURNAL YOU CAN BUY FROM MAL"COM TELLS YOU WHERE THE CAVE IS AND WHAT IT IS CALLED. Key given to you by Mal'com at the end of the quest. You must have discovered you are Dragonborn before you can do the quest.

Have to see it!

Please endorse IF you like.

Report any bugs and let me know if quest shows up when your game starts.

----Features In Castle Draco Riverwood Edition version.----
Player Home
Lots of storage
Lots Of Mannequins
Lots Of Chest
Lots of Easter eggs (Look around their is lots to find)
Treasure Vaults Locked for balance Can be picked master difficult.
Vendors (Old star of azura and Fallen star of Blades Rare very expensive items)
Monk Caretaker

----Castle Rooms----
Main Castle
Upper Main hall with library and Kitchen
Royal Kings Quarters
Temple of the One Chapel
Treasure Vaults
Great Forge
Guard barrack That leads to Temple Tower
Armory you have to stock it
Throne Room
Training Area
Bath with Men's and Women's bath
Hidden Springs Lost Grotto
Door on Forge to Cliff in Winterhold watch your step.

(These areas are more like quest to clear out the vermin)
Old Castle Storage
Old Riverwood Dungeon
Old Riverwood town hall

----Castle Staff.----
Ann The Maid.
Kate the Court Mage.
Mal'com General Caravan Merchant that sells Rare items.
Ha'ji Caravan Guard.
Jimmy Guard In Training.
Ned Captain of the Guard.
Yum'yum's Castle Cook.
Sarah the bard.
Roger Monk Caretaker.
Added 3 Companions.
Henry the Lost (Mage Destruction)
Zin (Combat Scout)
Thane Of Riverwood Nik'to (Combat Spell Sword)
And many more.
You are the Jarl. ... And should be High King... Lol

Have to see it!

~~~~Key Spoilers~~~~
Their is no key for the treasure room it it just locked hard for balance there is lots of goodies in there. All doors that have a key can be unlock with the Castle Draco key. Found at the end of halldir's cairn a cave Southwest of Falkreach. Also, For my purposes I placed a cheat chest in the Castle Storage for me if you just want the key. You will have to pick the locks thou.

----MODS you will see in the pictures but are not in this mod.----

Sexy winterhold retexture and Villages.
Serious HD Retexture Skyrim.
SKYRIM ENHANCED SHADERS FX - ENB by Tapioks his night sky didn't install the rest I hate darker nights.
I have Lots of re-texture so you may see some others but to many to post them all. They are all on the nexus tho.
My other mods.
And many mods I have over 239 mods running but I think I almost have my skyrim perfect lol.
Also,Dova Hideout Rugs and Banners - New Exotic Furs by mgbeach and trixterpriest

My other mods

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Credits and Special thanks. For all version of castle. Please endorse their files. See Permissions and Credits tab.