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Skyrim Immersive Boats

This is my first mod so i just made it simple and messed around in the CK. its not a huge improvement but a little :) the first version was just for riverwood its in optional if you only want that one. else this mod improves the boats in the game by edit existing or adding boats and docks around the waters of skyrim. Every mod that i release will be lore friendly.

i have added and fixed boats to various locations, fixed oars to every boat and have made docks and put some clutter on them. if i have missed a boat or anything else tell me where and i will fix it. this is a mod for immersive gameplay, even if you dont see boats that often you still do know that the bloody oars isent there ;-) my goal is to make the game immersive by adding or edit stuff. The pictures just shows a few locations.

It would be nice if some could upload screenshots from their own game.
If you like it dont forget to endorse and ofc comment thank you!


Compatibility and Requirements

Updated Skyrim to latest is recommended.
The mod is not compatible with anything that modifies the same things.


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