Roasted Meat by Cayce Sianan
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What is Roasted Meat?

Roasted Meat aims at giving Skyrim a little more realism through adding the ability to roast meat over the fire whenever you are near one – without needing a cooking pot.
It also adds a few recipes without the need of salt, so you won't have to starve anymore if you have no salt in your backpack.

How is that done?

Once you activate the mod, you will get a power that you can use whenever you stand near an open fire. If you use it, a menu, similar to the cooking menu, will open, but it only contains recipes for food that can be roasted, like meat, leek or potatoes. (and maybe some more in the future)

To keep the menu small, every recipe that only contains meat or meat and salt will only appear if you have all the needed ingredients.

For those who only search for no salt recipes, the old versions are still downloadable under old files. (You will however still need a cooking pot for those)


None of the existing Skyrim recipes are changed, so this mod is compatible with everything that adds or changes them.
It does however only add recipes for the vanilla Skyrim foods.

Realistic Needs And Diseases:
This mod was made with Realistic Needs and Diseases in mind so it is fully compatible. Food Spoilage will work with the meat from my mod.
Make sure to load it after Realistic Needs and Diseases!

Simply merge the data folder with the data folder in your Skyrim directory.