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A spotlight covering the basics of Immersive Potions:


1) All instant restoration potions (Health, Stamina and Magicka) now work over a five second duration with scaled magnitude (whether crafted, found or bought). Unlike most mods, this mod also modifies rare instant restoration potions like Thief guild potions or potions from quests.

2) All similar duration based restoration effects now overwrites the current one in use. If you use more than one potion that will simply overwrite the current effect (no matter what magnitude). This is not featured by any other alchemy mod!

3) Alchemy ingredients with instant restoration effects have been changed to match the new duration potions. This change is needed, otherwise alchemy would create instant restoration potions.

4) Unlike other mods that apply duration effects to potions, this mod separates alcohol from potions and make them display the proper effects. This is not featured by any other alchemy mod!

5) Additional bug fixes related to duration based restoration and ingredients, overlooked by all other alchemy mods. Read below for details!

Note: This mod does not change the value, weight or anything else regarding potions, alcohol or food - for maximum compatibility. It will also work perfectly with alot of other alchemy overhauls if loaded after, and was partially designed for this purpose.


The purpose of this mod is to make potion usage more tactical and make Skyrim more challenging and immersive. It doesn't matter what difficulty you play on or how close you are to dying, if you can instantly heal yourself in any hard battle. Alas, no longer can you open up the menu near death and click a few times to be fully restored, all potions now have a duration and do not stack. The concept of this mod is not unique, however all other mods that I have been able to track down contain bugs, doesn't make changes to alchemy ingredients, doesn't overlap new potions to extend the duration etc. In fact most of them overlook a number of details.

This mod has no negative secondary effects like altering the value of potions would have on alchemy skill gain for example. Furthermore it uses no scripts, has no "dirty" edits, does not contain bugs. In fact it's quite perfect and simple. It will work with mods like Realistic Needs or Skyrim Unleashed (for example) or other mods which also changes food, alcohol and alchemy.

Immersive Potions does however have several positive secondary effects. Food is much more significant and useful now, since food is left unmodified it is now the only thing that gives you direct restoration (except magic), giving you a motivation not only to hunt, but to cook as well. This eliminates the need to use food overhauls, that tends to make food overpowered (but if you use one there will be no conflicts with Immersive Potions). Another positive effect is that Stamina potions can be put to some good use now (how many of you stocked up on Stamina potions when you could carry more Healing potions instead, which used to be much more effective?). Since Stamina recovers for 5 seconds, you can get two- maybe three extra power attacks even from a Minor potion if you do them fast. Effectively making them as powerful as the equivalent Healing or Magicka potions!


1) All restoration potions (Health, Stamina and Magicka) now work for 5 seconds with scaled magnitude. For example:

Potion of Minor Healing restores 5 points of Health per second for 5 seconds.
Potion of Plentiful Stamina restores 15 points of Stamina per second for 5 seconds.
Potion of Extreme Magicka restores 30 points of Magicka per second for 5 seconds.
Potion of Ultimate Healing restores 100 points of Health per second for 5 seconds.

Note: I have also made changes to other instant restoration potions overlooked by most mods, for example all Thief guild potions and special quest potions are modified to display the correct values. Patches are availible to fix all potions and ingredients added by DLC's as well!

2) All similar duration based restoration effects now overwrites the current one in use. If you use several similar potions only one of them will have any effect. For example if you use one Healing potion and three seconds later use another Healing potion you will be restored for additionally five seconds (The new potion will overwrite the last one). So unlike most mods like this one you can now drink a potion in combat and drink another one after a few seconds just to be sure your restoration effect doesn't end suddenly. Very useful for stressful situations.

Note: You can have only 1 Heal-, 1 Stamina- and 1 Magicka restoration effect active from potions at the same time, the type of potion does not matter. Drinking 1 Ultimate Potion and 1 Minor Potion shortly thereafter will cancel the Ultimate effect and apply the Minor one. (This mod does not affect magic healing in any way).

3) Alchemy crafting ingredients have been changed to match the new duration potions. All crafting materials that uses restoration effects have had their magnitude divided by 5, and a duration extended by 5. Very simple and alchemy scales exactly the same way as usual with perks and skill levels. The crafted restoration potions will be worth exactly as much as the equivalent "vanilla" potions. For example at level 15 alchemy you can craft a Potion of Minor that restores 4 points per second for 5 seconds. At level 100 alchemy and all the perks you can craft a Potion of Plentiful which restores 15 points per second for 5 seconds.

Note: Don't worry! You can use mods that modify alchemy perks or skills and everything will scale according to those mods instead, no matter the load order.

4) Alcohol beverages uses the same magic effect as normal restoration potions. This is why most of the mods out there which are similar to this one will show "Wine: Restore 15 stamina points each second for 0 seconds". I have moved their magic effects away from alchemy to food (where they belong!) so the duration effects does no longer apply to any other item than potions.

Note: Don't worry! This will not cause compatibility issues with other mods that modifies alcohol because any mod that changes alcohol like Realistic Needs for example will overwrite my alcohol changes.

5) This mod also applies changes to the magic effect used by food. It is no longer possible to stack the restoration effect over time from food. For example, without this mod you could eat 10 Vegetable Soups and be restored for 10 health every second for several minutes, clearly a bug! Now if you eat more than one Vegetable Soup (or any other food that regenerates over time) the effect will be overwritten and the duration will start over again.

Note: Don't worry! This will not cause compatibility issues because I have only changed the magic effect, not the food itself. So this will actually not conflict with any other mod. Food and potions do not affect each other, so it is possible to eat a Vegetable Soup - and use any potions just like usually.

Another important aspect of altering ingredients is a "vanilla" bug related to vendorlists. In short many ingredients in "vanilla" Skyrim can't be purchased or sold to alchemy merchants - this bug was fixed by "The Unofficial Skyrim Patch" a long time ago. Other alchemy mods overwrite this bug fix however. I have integrated this fix alongside the other changes related to ingredients to eliminate this problem!


DOWNLOAD ONLY ONE VERSION! There are eight versions availible for download. First of all there is a "vanilla" version, a Dawnguard version, a Hearthfire version and a Dawnguard+Hearthfire version. Why did I make a mod for each? Because each DLC adds a potion or ingredient that needed to be modified as well. The other four versions are for those that uses "Radiant and Unique Potions, Poisons and Booze HD" texture replacer. If you don't use that you can skip ahead to compatibility!

Note: "Radiant and Unique Potions, Poisons and Booze HD" texture replacer is the all time favorite alchemy mod. However despite it being a texture replacer it also change over 100 entries in the CK regarding potions and alcohol! Since it makes many potions have unique textures - CK edits are required. This also makes this mod conflict with all alchemy and alcohol mods.

"Radiant and Unique Potions, Poisons and Booze HD" only conflicts with a few rare alcohol and quest potions in our case (many others with other alchemy mods). Immersive Potions will overwrite the textures (Not a big deal, but still). There is currently no other alchemy mod that even takes this into consideration.

If you install any version of "Immersive Potions - Radiant Compatible" all alcohol and potions that conflicts have been edited to match each other. Meaning you will get the new texture and correct values for all alcohol and potions! ;) Make sure to load Immersive Potions after Radiant though!

Keep in mind that "Radiant and Unique Potions, Poisons and Booze HD" changes alot of potions and alcohol when using other alchemy mods than this. It will conflict with all kinds of Fortify Potions and alcohol modifications. Should you overwrite my mod with another alcohol-mod you will lose the textures since other mods normally aren't compatible with Radiant...


* You can obviously not load another alchemy mod after this mod - but it is possible and recommended for those that use another more complex alchemy overhaul to overwrite that mod since this mod ONLY modifies instant restoration potions and ingredients - as well as fixes alot of other details overlooked by your average alchemy mod. Feel free to load other food or alcohol mods after my mod! But keep in mind that other mods might overwrite Radiant and Unique Potions, Poisons and Booze HD textures!

* What about mods that adds ingredients? Well, if any of those ingredients have Restore Health, Restore Stamina or Restore Magicka effects - they will make "Restore x points each second for 0 seconds" potions = instant restoration. Additionally - if you combine these ingredients with "vanilla" ingredients - they will make, for example, a Minor Healing Potion that has the vanilla magnitude and Immersive Potion duration! In other words the Minor Healing Potion will restore 25 health each second for 5 seconds. A total of 125 health!

* This mod will conflict with Better Sorting - however if you use that I bet you are used to conflicts.

* What about mods that alter the weight of potions and ingredients? Two things can happen; Scenario 1; if that mod is loaded before this mod some of the weight changes will be overwritten. Scenario 2; if a weight mod is loaded after it will totally overwrite this mod (and render it useless).

* Fully animated meals and potions is not compatible with Immersive Potions - or any other alchemy mod. The problem here is that if you overwrite FAMP you will lose animations, if you overwrite a normal mod - you will get the desired changes. This is also the case with Radiant texture replacer, which I felt obliged to patch since it has so many users. Would you rather see yourself eat food/potions than to reap the benefits of having a better alchemy system, Immersive Potions and food overhauls like Reaslistic Needs or the one provided by Skyrim Unleashed? Not to mention that FAMP also overwrites Radiant and Unique texture replacer = no more unique looking potions. If the answer is yes then make a comment and I will upload a patch for you.

* The modifications to the magic effect of duration based restorative food will not affect other food mods since it is a modification of a magic effect. Otherwise I would not have made it. So remember that all food mods are compatible. :)

That's everything! Thanks for reading/skipping to this point.

I hope that you will enjoy this final version of Immersive Potions! Feel free to ask anything if you have any questions!