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Tomorrow I leave for Scotland so here's the news: I've tried creating new beards in Blender and have got the basics done. However, I cannot get them to import into the game properly - the beards no longer change colour with hair and they are completely disconnected to the face. I don't forsee any progress any time soon and to tell the truth I'm quite disillusioned with it now. If anything changes then my aim in the next update is as follows:

~ Attempted fix of issues regarding use with the Dwemer and the Falmer mod
~ Open up the beards for use with khajiit as show in someone else's screenshots above
~ Attempted reduction in the number of headparts/extraparts used
~ Other bug fixes
~ New 'Dwemer Hat' mod

Please be patient, I hope to have things sorted soon enough :)

- Anuiel

Being a fan of the Dwemer - or at least their beards - I've been keeping an eye on Dwemer race mods but I've always been disappointed with the lack of Dwemer-style beards. Sadly I don't know how to actually model beards and my attempts to follow online tutorials for creating things in 3dsmax have always ended in utter failure. So until such time as someone with the skills to do so decides to spend some time making Ancient Mesopotamian-style beards I've made these. It's basically a best fit compromise that uses 'Extra Parts' found in the HeadPart section of the Creation Kit. I've edited their positioning in Nifskope and put them together to create a number of Dwemer-themed beards.
I thought these beards might be useful to others who also like the look, even if it isn't as close to the real thing as I would like. Please, if you know how to actually create a Dwemer beard 3d model, do so!

What's Included:
15 New Beard Styles - See screenshots

Changes from 0.5
- Seven New Beards
- Improved Existing Beards

I've tried to find a balance between preventing the beards clipping with armor - specifically Dwarven Armor - and not having them look immensely stupid when only wearing light armor or clothing. They will clip very slightly with the armor when the character turns or talks but it's barely noticeable. Besides, even the default beards in game clip in places. I haven't checked the beards on NPCs, only the basic version so I can't be sure how they work. I await reports of any mischief.

The beards should be compatible with pretty much everything. They will work with custom race mods but I cannot vouch for how they'll look since it depends on the race mod you use. I've only tried them on the Dwarven race seen in the screenshots. They will appear for use in the race menu for all races except beasts (khajiit and argonians).

Please use a mod manager of your choice to install and uninstall this mod. I use Mod Organizer but I'm sure NMM and Wrye Bash will be fine.

Instructions for manual install:

1. If you have an older version, remove the old meshes by deleting the 'Dwarven' folder found in DataMeshesActorCharacterCharacterAssetsBeards.

2. Copy everything from my mod into the Data folder as usual and overwrite Dwemer Beards.esp.

Either uninstall via your mod manager or delete both 'Dwemer Beards.esp' and the 'Dwarven' folder found in DataMeshesActorCharacterCharacterAssetsBeards.

What races do these beards work with?
Breton, Nord, Imperial, Redguard, Orc, Bosmer, Altmer, Dunmer, Custom Races

Can you make "X-style" of beard?
While it probably can be done I don't really have the time or inclination to make any beards beyond Dwemer-style ones included here, sorry. I've actually already gone beyond my intention of only making one Morrowind-style beard.

If I can figure out how to use Blender to merge the beard parts into one Nif file and tidy them up a bit I will. Other than that I don't know whether I'll be updating this more. If anyone knows ways to improve it then please let me know (PM me, I may not check the comments often) and I'll do what I can. Otherwise, consider this a finished product.

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