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Added: 17/01/2013 - 06:47AM
Updated: 27/04/2015 - 10:14PM

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Project Note
Better Cities - Skyrim is being reworked, redone, and completely overhauled, with many more features, NPCs, buildings, quests, and previously unseen content being added. Check out /r/Skyrimmods and the comments sections for updates, and keep watching this mod page. The currently available versions are experimental and not guaranteed 100% bug free. 

Better Cities - Windhelm

In order to get the full experience, you need to download both Better Cities Windhelm- City Interior and Better Cities Windhelm- City Exterior. If you only want one or the other, your game will work fine, but the new entrances to the city will not line up with anything on the other side of the wall (so you'll see two doors that you can't activate.

City Interior must go before City Exterior in the load order for the mod to work properly.

  • Revamped docks area
  • Added new docks area to left of main entrance (courtesy of bjs_336's Windhelm Exterior Altered)
  • Added dozens of new buildings and NPCs
  • Added four new shops
  • Added rooftop area to Grey Quarter
  • Added second level of Hjerim
  • Added two new entrances to the city
  • Added an Arena

Progress Tracker
  • Exteriors - Done
  • Navmesh- Done
  • NPCs- In Progress
  • Interiors - In Progress
  • Testing/Error Fixing- In progress
  • Integrating Windhelm Military Enhancement Project - In Progress
  • Quests- Not Yet In Progress

Contributing Modders
  • Amblingalong
  • BJS_336
  • CelsiuZ

Known Issues
  • Some doors clip when opened
  • There's an invisible collision object when climbing the northern stairs into the Grey Quarter rooftop. Can by jumped over.
  • NPC's in the Arena sometimes get scared and run away
  • Followers may not walk across the Gray Quarter rooftops, or may clip through some sections

  • Compatible with all mods except those that directly alter the Windhelm worldspace
  • Compatible with ThirteenOranges Arena Mod.