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Better Cities

Better Cities Skyrim is being completely rebuilt, with many, many new features being added by Twarrior and Moozilbee. PM Twarrior or Moozilbee if you would like to help in any way.
Try these old versions at your own risk.

Coming soon.......

Bananasplit's Better Cities was one of the best- and most popular- mods for Oblivion, turning lifeless, dull, and small towns into teeming metropolises one could actually get lost wandering. Since Bananasplit has said he has no interest in doing a similar mod for Skyrim, this project aims to do just that.

Better Whiterun Features (WIP)

  • Added a whole new district called the Lower District. It is a lore friendly poor district with more than 8 NPCs, which 4 of them are CUSTOM VOICED, and each NPC has his own unique life, and story.
  • 7 Custom Voiced NPCS. Some of them do not say a lot of stuff, but there are 3 main ones: the Khajit named Qadar Shaba, who will give you information about the Lower District, the half orc named Soho Bro, a pastry vendor, and the new follower J'ram Zeir. Other NPCs' voices will be greatly improved in the following versions.
  • Added one new follower: J'ram Zeir (argonian sneaky archer) who is spending all his money in the Man's Last Hope. Talk to him, and see if you can convince him to join you!
  • In this new district, there is a small Tavern called the Man's Last Hope. You can fully enjoy an entire new tavern atmosphere from 9 pm to 2 am (be sure to lower you music volume in your game options to fully enjoy it!)
  • Overhauled the trading atmosphere of the Plains District, since Whiterun is supposed to be the trade center of all Skyrim: reworked Main Street full of stalls, reworked main Plaza, added Warehouses, etc.
  • Added several houses. Each one of them hosts a whole new family.
  • Added many new lore-friendly secondary NPCs. Each one of them has a unique life, including 6 merchants, one of whom is marriageable.
  • Four new guard towers (north, north west, east and south) and more defensive structures including an overhauled main gate. All of those are patrolled by new guards, who live either in the new towers or in the guard barracks, which has been expanded. The North and East towers can only be accessed through the guard's barracks (just behind the Bannered Mare). Also added accessible defensive structures on the walls between the Plains and the Wind Districts.
  • Added some animals
  • Added a statue of Ysgramor facing Jorrvaskr
  • Added lore friendly flora to give Whiterun an overhauled look[*]All new characters, plants and items are lore-friendly as much as possible. This means I will not add any pine nor aspen. However there is a Pine optional file for those who would like to see some pines in Whiterun. The city book store only sells 5 skill books for one skill (smithing) and sells a few others.
Better Solitude Features (WIP)
  • Expanded Main Street with rearranged market stalls, a jeweler with its own guard, three new houses, two defensive towers and an expensive hotel.
  • A Bosmer servant, a Redguard cook, an Orc guard and two Imperial servants will do everything for the well being of the cyrodillic business travelers
  • Improved shop interiors with mannequins for the Clothier, a smelter for the blackmsith with an Orc assistant, clutter for the general store and much more
  • Expanded Castle Dour with two guard towers, a new supply tent, a waterwell, an armory and a bar for the new soldiers to relax after training
  • Implemented Nernie's Solitude mod with cobbeler, two new houses, a luthier, a bookstore and an inn both near the port[*]A Solitude cottage styled small playerhouse at Katla's Farm to buy at the bookstore for around 5000 gold, also implemented by Nernies mod![*]Beautyfied Blue Palace gardens with statues, a waterwell and lawn and removed those shrubs and bushes. Now it looks like a prestigious garden and not like a forest[*]A bathhouse will soon be added for the imperial business travelers to relax after an exhausting day at the blue palace
Better Windhelm Planned Features (DISCONTINUED)
  • Expanded Gray Quarter with a hostel, warehouse, five new houses, beggars, shacks, rooftop catwalks, two secret areas, and a Morrowind-themed items store (Dragonborn only)
  • Expanded Stone Quarter with two guard towers, four new houses, and a secret area
  • Expanded Marketplace with a guard tower, three new stalls, a bookstore and fletcher
  • Expanded Valunstrad with three new houses, a bathhouse, balconies, and expansive courtyards[*]Expanded docks with two new homes, a Blackmarsh-themed store, a new quest-related pirate ship, and two underwater Argonian houses[*]Expanded outskirts on both sides of the river and on the bridge[*]Two new fully developed factions: the Windhelm Pit Fighters and the Morag Tong[*]Over a dozen new fully voiced NPCs, including five sets of original voice work[*]A fully functioning Arena with betting and a monthly tournament[*]Improved Civil War battle, featuring a fight across the exterior bridge and a longer route through the city, more enemies and allies, and a more interesting boss fight against Ulfric[*]Four additional side quests and multiple miscellaneous quests, including two quests inspired by Oblivion's An Unexpected Journey and Caught in the Hunt
InstallationJust install with NMM or extract the files in your Data folder!Make sure your ".esp" files are loaded somewhere at the very bottom of your load order, even if BOSS does not.When updating from previous version, a clean save is highly recommended.ProgressWindhelm:
  • Version .15- Rough draft of all new exteriors inside Windhelm; placeholder interiors where necessary to access new exterior spaces (in the market, and in the archway next to the Palace of Kings).
  • Version .16 (Current)- Rough draft of new dock areas, underwater Argonian homes, and expanded outskirts in the previously empty area to the left of the main entrance, accessible from the market guard tower (placeholder interior). Small market added to the top of the bridge.
  • Version .17 (Discontinued)- All interiors added
  • Version .18- Improved Battle for Windhelm quest; more enemies, longer route, fight across the bridge, more interesting boss fight against Ulfric
  • Version .19- Fully developed Arena with betting, fighting for gold/prizes, questline[*]Version .2- Better Windhelm finalized: Quests, NPCs, exteriors, interiors, navmesh, lighting, clutter, compatability[*]Version .2a- Better Windhelm Dragonborn edition: Morag Tong questline, Morrowind flavor added to Gray Quarter, Morrowind specialty ingredients/food store
  • Version .21 Last ICP version from August 27th 2012. Adds several NPCs including 7 new merchants, as well as a better trading atmosphere [*]Version .25 - A whole new district with custom voiced NPCs! Several bugs fixed. Optional file with trees added.[*]Version .25.2 - Several bugs fixed. Improved Compatibility with Breezehome mods.[*]Version .26 - Navmesh cleaned, should fix major issues - Custom voiced NPCs are now LipSynched and enhanced[*]Version .27 (Current)- Most stable Version. Lots of fixes. Probably last version.[*]Version .28- TBA[*]Version .29- TBA[*]Version .3- TBA
  • Version .1 rearranged marketstalls[*]Version .2 improved shop interiors with clutter[*]Version .3 added houses to give the impression of two tight alleyways[*]Version .4 (current) navmeshing, expensive hotel added, improved Castle Dour[*]Version .5- a public bathhouse for the rich cyrodillic travelers[*]Version .6- TBA[*]Version .7- TBA[*]Version .8- TBA
Current Team
  • amblingalong: Mod founder - was working on Windhelm. No news from him for several months.
  • Tsewe: was working on Whiterun
  • TWarrior: Runs the R3viewsHD channel on Youtube; advertising and promotional materials. Also working on Solitude. Alpha stage and fixing navmesh[*]tesfiend: Working on Dawnstar. Discontinued because of compability issues and frame rate drops, as Dawnstar does not have its own worldspace. He may redo it eventually.CollaboratorsThe original Better Cities was a collaboration between seven primary authors as well as several dozen supporting modders, and I'd love to see that kind of community effort here as well. Including work by creators of brilliant mods such as Solitude Docks District, ThirteenOranges' Places and Open Cities is a major priority of ours; even if specific authors don't sign on, ensuring compatibility with the community's favorite mods will be a central goal. We're lucky to already have some talented modders already contributing their time and energy to helping out on this project, and we're reaching out to dozens more.[*]FinalEntity is working on interiors and new NPCs[*]RealBene of Whiterun Outskirts is working on integrating his mod[*]BloodrendX001 is helping on scripting and quest design[*]We're in talks with many more outstanding modders and voice actors, and will continue adding talented contributors as we go!
Help out
  • Give us feedback! The current files show the basic structures and outline of an expanded Windhelm, Solitude and Whiterun. If you have ideas, criticism or suggestions along those lines, please don't hesitate to share!
  • Join the project! If you are comfortable modding, we'd love to have you (and if you're experienced in Maya/Blender, PLEASE be in touch)!
  • If you like the mod, please remember to endorse!
Known Issues (Whiterun)
  • May cause a small FPS drop especially in the marketplace (during market hours), but I've done my best to scatter people in order to avoid that. A Light Version will be made.
  • If an NPC gets stuck, use TC console command to move him. Don't forget to re-enter TC in the console to give the control back to the AI.
  • If Whiterun guards randomly attack certain new NPCs, here is a workaround: use the TCAI console command (this will Toggle Combat AI, which means NPCs will stop attacking anyone) and don't forget to type TCAI again before leaving Whiterun in order to put the Combat AI back on.
  • 100% COMPATIBLE with "Whiterun Outskirts Market"[*]100% COMPATIBLE with "Immersive Settlements"[*]85% COMPATIBLE with "Wet and Cold": the option "NPCs ignore rain" must be enabled - if not, new NPCs, including the prisoner, will have weird behaviours and do random things...[*]50% COMPATIBLE with "Populated Cities" Using both mods (or more) may severly hit your performance and cause CTDs[*]0% COMPATIBLE with "7K's Better Whiterun"[*]0% COMPATIBLE with "Open Cities"[*]0% COMPATIBLE with "Whiterun Expansion"
Known Issues (Solitude)
  • May cause a small FPS drop especially in the marketplace (during market hours), but I've done my best to scatter people in order to avoid that.
  • 100% COMPATIBLE with "Interesting NPCs" and "Inconsequential NPCs", lowers performance though!
  • 85% COMPATIBLE with "Wet and Cold": the option "NPCs ignore rain" must be enabled - if not, new NPCs will have weird behaviours and do random things...
  • Bethesda[*]Bananasplit for the original Better Cities mod[*]amblingalong for starting this project on Skyrim[*]Tsewe, TWarrior, modders of BC[*]Whiterun Voice Actors: Tsewe, Vbleunh, JayJayMcYeah, Vulon[*]Chesko, varakz and many other modders for teaching us crucial modding tricks[*]Oaristys, Stroti and Tamira for their modder's ressource used for clutter[*]Nernies Solitude