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Update 19 May 2014:
I'm nearly finished making a cozy home that allows for Hearthfire adoption of 2 kids AND allows Ysolda to keep her schedule/behaviors as outlined below. To my knowledge it's the only way to have both. PM or post if interested and I will share.

Hulda is finally retiring. Ysolda buys the Bannered Mare and you don't have to kill anybody! But why must Hulda fake her own death just to leave Whiterun - and whose body is in that casket? There's a paper trail if you want to know, but it's not a quest and won't affect the game either way.

  • Ysolda no longer talks of saving money or learning to run an inn
  • She can rent you a room and provide leads for work (bounties)
  • Ysolda sleeps from 12 til 8, nightly.
  • Mondas-Fredas Ysolda goes to the city gate at 9 to see if the caravan is in town. Rain or shine, she will be there til 12. She then goes to Heimskr's to have lunch and listen to the word of Talos. At 2 she goes to the Bannered Mare and works until 9. Then she goes home.
  • On Loredas she travels to Honningbrew Meadery to buy supplies and shmooze the brewers, and leaves at 2 to go home.
  • On Sundas she spends her time in the (enhanced) Temple of Kynareth from 9 til 2, where you might see her have a religious experience. At 2 she heads behind the temple to take a shower (don't get excited), then she goes home.
  • Her routine has been tested before marriage and after. If you want her to stay at home, simply ask her to move into Breezehome, and she will stay there and set up the typical spouse store instead of working at the inn.
  • If you are married to Ysolda, good news: as long as she lives in her own home, she will come home every night.
  • She will not ask you to say hello to Mikael anymore
  • Dialogue for store profits and meals work as expected
  • You can also get Lover's Comfort sleeping in her bed
  • If you don't already use a mod that alters Ysolda's house, look under Optional Files for a simple house mod for her; it adds a double bed, a writing table, and other idles, but no trophies or crafting stuff.
  • Even if Saadia is no longer in your game, there is a new helper from Eastmarch: Rota Burlycups. Rota is 1/4 giant and all woman. She does the same things Saadia does. They sleep alternate shifts but sometimes overlap (if Saadia is still alive).
  • If you haven't started The Whispering Door, you can still begin that quest via an optional file.
  • The Bannered Mare now serves Mare Pie, hot chocolate and Ol' Graybeard (a Nord whiskey)
  • Ysolda has opened the Bannered Mare to Khajiit. K'Zhadar the Acquirer is never short of gold, so now you can sell your valuable gear and creations
  • K'Zhadar also keeps a steady supply of black soul gems, Nord Hero arrows, and ***over 20 new items*** for players to buy: Multivitamins, Pocket Lydia by MageCo., a cool warhammer, enchantable woodland gear, and more. K'Zhadar likes to sit upstairs. Careful of his backwoods Nord whiskey - it has bite.

VIDEOS (Some of the things that K'Zhadar sells)
The Dibellan Razor
Coldest Dawn
Coldest Dawn 2
Pocket Lydia by MageCo.
Scram Kid by MageCo.
Love Spell
Love Spell 2
Love Spell 3

1. Read the ISSUES, REQUIREMENTS section below.
2. If Ysolda is following you, part ways. Send her back to her house if you can. Save your game anywhere except inside the Bannered Mare or Ysolda's house; preferably out of sight of both Hulda and Ysolda.
3. Download using NMM (also download optional files if desired).
4. Activate the mod(s) and start Skyrim.


The Unofficial Skyrim Patch can possibly conflict with this mod. For details, read the comments. I cannot fix it so please don't ask. You are welcome to try. To avoid the conflict, start a clean game without USKP, then install this mod first.

This mod will not work if you use any mod that alters Ysolda's or Hulda's behavior.

Ysolda must be alive. Hulda, Belethor, and certain other citizens of Whiterun (marked essential in Vanilla) should be alive; the mod might work if they are dead but the story won't make sense. If Hulda seems to die right in front of you, this is normal. She's faking it. Ysolda might not immediately go to work. She has a routine (detailed above).

Ysolda might not sell you anything and if she does, it's meager gear. Don't ask her to rent you a room unless she is in the Bannered Mare. Don't ask her to move to a new house unless she is inside a house. Sometimes she might ask you to leave her house on Sundas night! She's nervous about the coming workweek. I use and endorse Migal's BBLS but if you invite her to move in, she won't work at the inn.

Explore Skyrim should load before (higher than) the optional file for Ysolda's house, if used.

If K'Zhadar acquires over 30,000 gold, the game could bug out. This is a known quirk of the game and is not caused by this mod.

Sometimes the caravan arrives without khajiit, or vice versa. This is a known quirk of the game and is not caused by this mod.

Just use NMM. There are no new textures or meshes.