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Dawnguard NOT Required
Dragonborn NOT Required

This mod is a collection of hybrid recurve longbows. I tried to make the recurve longbows serve a different purpose then the regular bows that came with skyrim. These recurve longbows have greater distance and have a greater sneak attack multiplier. The drawback is that drawing the recurve longbows takes a lot longer than vanilla bows. This mod doesn't just add a bunch of new bows you can simply craft. Some are craftable others must be bought or found. I have tried to balance them in with skyrim so they are not over powerful and should seamlessly fit in with everything else. The recurve longbows will show up in the world of skyrim based off the player’s current level and skills.

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--------Help Chest - Troubleshooting
--------Included Recurve Longbows
--Load Order
--------ACE Archery
--Video Reviews
--Optional Longbows Perks Info
--------New Archery Tree
--------New Perks
--Question and Answer
--------What armor are you using in your pictures?
--------Where can I find the Longbows?
--------Can I craft the longbows?
--------I need help?
--------Can I have the ID Codes?
--Other Information
--------Future Plans
--------Credits (Thanks Everyone)

- Longbows can shoot 50% further then standard bows
- Do more damage than existing bows.
- 25% better zoom after eagle eye is acquired.
- Will increase your sneak critical damage from 2 times to 2.5 times. If you have the deadly aim perk it is increased from 3 times to 4 times.
- The downside to each bow is that the pullback time is very high and shouldn’t be used in close combat.
- While zooming will drain your stamina much faster then vanilla bows.
- Recurve Longbows are also louder then vanilla bows making it hard to pull off multiple critical shots
- I have introduced several bows intro the game and will randomly appear just like any other bow in the game.

== Quests ==

Boxed Artifact - This quest when completed unlocks the Dwarven Longbow. To start this quest you must be far enough along in "Discerning the Transmundane" to enter blackreach and must have completed "Taking Care of Business". Next when you obtain level 40 a courier should find you and the quest will begin.

== Help Chest == Troubleshooting ==

If the Courier won't show up to start the "Boxed Artifact" Quest don't fret the Help Chest can help. If you having a issue go to Faendal's House in Riverwood and look for the Gold Chest on the cupboard and activate it and follow the prompts. There is a picture of the chest its gold. This add-on is mainly for peoples save games that have been broken by so many embedded scripts.

If you went to Northwatch Keep and couldn't find Solonor, or got the wrong level version of Solonor don't fret the Help Chest can help. If you having a issue go to Faendal's House in Riverwood and look for the Orange Chest on the cupboard and activate it and follow the prompts. There is a picture of the chest its orange.

== This mod includes the following Longbows: ==

== Standard Longbows: ==

- Ash Longbow
- Ancient Nord Longbow
- Stormcloak Longbow
- Orcish Longbow
- Forsworn Longbow
- Nord Hero Longbow
- Drainspell Longbow
- Falmer Longbow
- Legate Longbow
- Nordic Longbow Requires Dragonborn
- Elven Longbow
- Dwarven Longbow
- Glass Longbow
- Ebony Longbow
- Stalhrim Longbow Requires Dragonborn
- Bound Longbow
- Daedric Longbow
- Ancient Dragonbone Longbow Requires Dawnguard

== Unique Longbows: ==

- Ancient Dwarven Longbow
- Solonor Requires Dawnguard
- Mehrunes Longbow Requires Dawnguard
- Dragonrend Longbow Requires Dragonborn

Load order is very important! Your Load Order should be exactly as below minus any mods you don't use. Just a note if your using LongbowsPerks.esp must always be last in this Load Order.








Skyre Users - This mod as of Skyrim Redone 1.2 has been integrated and this one isn't needed. if your looking to keep this mod with skyre you can download my Skyre Integrated install.

ACE Archery - This mod is compatible, but not all longbows will be proper size and stats may vary. but these Longbows will count as Longbows in ACE's Perk tree.

This mod is a continuation of my longbows mod. This addon was made to better balance out the difference between longbows and standard bows. This mod doesn't take anything away from the vanilla bows. It only adds perks for the longbows.

== Features ==

New Archery perk tree:

Level 8: Bow: Bullseye(Trickshot*) and Longbow: Velosity(Longbow: Quickshot*)
Level 7: Bow: Trickshot(Bow: Quickshot*) and Longbow: Quickshot(Longbow: Hold Breath*)
Level 6: Bow: Quickshot(Power Shot*) and Longbow: Hold Breath(Longbows: Endurance*)
Level 5: Longbows: Endurance(Power Shot*)
Level 4: Ranger(Power Shot*) and Power Shot(Eagle Eye*)
Level 3: Steady Hand(Eagle Eye*) and Eagle Eye(Hunters Discipline* or Critical Shot*)
Level 2: Hunters Discipline(Overdraw*) and Critical Shot(Overdraw*)
Level 1: Overdraw

* - Previous Required Perk

New Perks:

Longbows: Endurance - reduces stamina consumption when longbow is zoomed.
Longbows: Hold Breath - Longbows gain 25% better zoom
Longbows: Quickshot - Longbows draw speed is decreased by 20%
Longbows: Velocity - increases sneak attack damage to 3.5x or 4.0x with deadly aim perk
Bows: Trickshot - not really new just put into archery tree - 10% chance to disarm opponents

== Question 1 ==

Q. What armor are you using in your pictures?

A. Here is a link to those files:

DreamBurrows Regal Assassin Armor
Black Mage Armor for the mask

== Question 2 ==

Q. Where can I find the Longbows?

A. Here is a list of every bow and where to find it:

== Standard Longbows: ==

- Ash Longbow – Random drops and vendors will appear at level 10 and up.
- Ancient Nord Longbow – Random drop off draugr at level 10 and up.
- Stormcloak Longbow – Random drop on stormcloak soldiers after level 12 and can be purchased at stormcloak camp quarter masters.
- Orcish Longbow - Random drops, vendors after level 14, and can be crafted.
- Forsworn Longbow - Random drops on forsworn above level 16.
- Legate Longbow - Complete Imperial quest line or pickpocket one off Rikke.
- Nord Hero Longbow - Must have Skyforge smithing perk, be level 18 and must be forged at the Skyforge.
- Drainspell Longbow - Found in the Labyrinthian off the transparent draugr.
- Falmer Longbow - Random drops on falmer above level 20.
- Elven Longbow - Random drops, vendors after level 24, and can be crafted.
- Nordic Longbow - Random drops, vendors after level 23, and can be crafted.
- Glass Longbow - Random drops, vendors after level 32, and can be crafted.
- Ebony Longbow - Random drops, vendors after level 41, and can be crafted.
- Stalhrim Longbow - Random drops, vendors after level 40, and can be crafted.
- Dwarven Longbow - Craftable after you complete the quest "Boxed Artifact"
- Bound Longbow - Spell book can be found in the same places as the bound bow tome.
- Daedric Longbow - Random drops, vendors after level 50, and can be crafted.
- Ancient Dragonbone Longbow - Can only be crafted with Ancient dragon bones that drop off Ancient, revered, and legendary dragons after level 50.

== Unique Longbows: ==

- Ancient Dwarven Longbow - Complete the quest "Boxed Artifact"
- Solonor - Can be found at Northwatch Keep after level 18, 34, and 50
- Mehrunes Longbow - Buy a fake Daedric Longbow from randal in morthal. Then equip and unequip the longbow until it breaks starting the mission.
- Dragonrend Longbow - Only obtained by defeating Miraak and reaching level 60

== Question 3 ==

Q. Can I craft the longbows?

A. The following Longbows below are craftable:

- Orcish Longbow
- Nord Hero Longbow
- Elven Longbow
- Nordic Longbow
- Glass Longbow
- Dwarven Longbow after "Boxed Artifact" is completed
- Ebony Longbow
- Stalhrim Longbow
- Daedric Longbow
- Ancient Dragonbone Longbow

== Question 4 ==

Q. I need help?

A. Leave me a comment If you find any issues I'm happy to try and help if I have time. If you're rude, short, or irritating I don't have the time. The more information you give the better job I can do in troubleshooting and fixing the issue.

== Question 5 ==

Q. Can I have the ID Codes?

A. Here you go you little cheaters!

XX0058CC Ash Longbow
XX013BC2 Ancient Nord Longbow
XX00E9DC Stormcloak Longbow
XX0058D0 Orcish Longbow
XX015C11 Forsworn Longbow
XX01365B Nord Hero Longbow
XX0036CA Nordic Longbow
XX0166D8 Falmer Longbow
XX0058D3 Elven Longbow
XX0058D6 Glass Longbow
XX0058D9 Ebony Longbow
XX00948A Stalhrim Longbow
XX012627 Bound Longbow
XX0058DC Daedric Longbow
XX002F9C Ancient Dragonbone Longbow

== Question 6 ==

Q. Those aren't Longbows!

A. They are Hybrid recurve longbows, but typing out "Ancient Nord Hybrid recurve longbow of Ice" is just too long. so please bare with me.

== Question 7 ==

Q. How do I get Mehrunes Longbow


Step 1. Buy a Daedric Longbow from Randal
Step 2. Equip and Unequip the Fake Daedric Longbow until you get a message that it broke
Step 3. Before returning to randal finish Pieces of the Past
Step 4. Return to Randal to complete the quest.

First: Load your game and unequip any longbow you have.
Then: Save your game.
Last: Remove the Longbow.esp and Longbow.bsa files, and restart your game.

== Future Plans ==

I will be adding a few more Longbows. I don't want to over populate the world of Skyrim with to many Longbows. I plan to add a MCM menu in the future.

== Credits ==

I would like to thank the following Authors for letting me use their work:

AlexanderJVelicky - Thanks for letting me make a patch for Falskaar Which is frankly AWESOME.
DJjojo - For letting me use his Crossbows Basic Collection to make a new perk tree and integrate them into skyrim.
jojjo - For letting me use his Dread Knight Weapon Set to make a compatibility patch for this mod.
howiego08 - For letting me use his Better Bows to make a compatibility patch for Immersive Weapons for my mod.
AlexScorpion - For letting me use his Exotic Bow to make a compatibility patch for Immersive Weapons for my mod.
InsanitySorrow - For letting me use his Steel Bow, Silver Bow, and Glass Bow to make a compatibility patch for Immersive Weapons for my mod.
Isilmeriel - For letting me use his LOTR Weapons Collection to make a compatibility patch for this mod.

Bethesda for the Skyrim Creation Kit.
BSA Browser.
Gimp 2.