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Added: 14/01/2013 - 08:39PM
Updated: 16/06/2013 - 05:13PM

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Skyrim Economy Overhaul
Ensuring that money is actually worth something!

Dawnguard and Dragonborn required. If you don't have these DLCs, you may need to use version 2-7.

I wanna thank everyone who took the time to endorse this.
Your support is greatly appreciated.

I am greatly annoyed by the broken economies in most RPGs these days. Perform quests, sell loot and soon
you have tons of gold but nothing to spend it on. Prices don't even make sense, there's no balance!
For example, why do three enchanted robes cost as much as the Riften home?

I have painstakingly edited almost every item in the game, doing calculations and adjusting prices
so that things seem properly balanced. Prices have been adjusted by certain fractions, some quest
rewards have been modestly reduced and player homes now cost right. Meaning if you wanna buy
a house, you may need to actually save up for it.

In addition, merchants now have more money and their inventories are more region-specific.
For example, fewer non-human armors for sale in Solitude and Windhelm, plus fewer Orcish armors
for sale outside of Orc settlements. Lastly, training costs have been reduced and you can now
train 7 times per level instead of 5.

If there's a problem or you have a suggestion, your feedback is welcome. If you enjoy it, please endorse.

If you also use Books of Skyrim, you'll need to load this before BoS.

Seven new craftable and enchantable amulets available for sale by jewelry merchants.

Dovahkiin Amulet - Unique amulet that reduces shout cooldown by 33%. You can find it on
top of the Throat of the World when you meet Paarthunax. Look next to the Word Wall.

White Phial - Enchantments for the phial are now actually worth the trouble you went through to repair the damn thing!

Necromancer's Amulet - Penalties against healing and stamina regen have been reduced.

Check out Inns and Taverns. It sets different prices for the various Inns.
It is MCM compatible, so you can configure the room rates to balance with SEO.

Alternate version available for those who don't like the heal-over-time potions.

Somehow, most of the potion prices got reset while I was updating. I've corrected them.

Potions and poisons have been renamed for better sorting.

You can break down the Dovahkiin Amulet to learn its enchantment.

Potions have heal-over-time effect.
Thanks to Gromit84.
Potions Heal Over Time

Certain merchants may sell bolts:
the blacksmiths in Windhelm and Markarth
the fletcher in Solitude
Syndus at the Ragged Flagon (after completing special jobs for the Thieves Guild)

Improved variety in merchant inventories', factoring for profession and region.

Non-mage merchants sell fewer enchanted items.
The fletcher sells more arrows.

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