No More Ugly Bronze Shine by COTS
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Added: 11/01/2013 - 08:22PM
Updated: 22/08/2016 - 04:58AM

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Last updated at 4:58, 22 Aug 2016 Uploaded at 20:22, 11 Jan 2013

Thanks to JohnnySQS for the Video. Skip ahead to the 50th second to watch this mods feature.

Last update [1.6a] is just a fix for the "Install with NMM" button.

All files are now included in one file download. Use NMM or BAIN and choose the version and body and race you want from the interface. All races include the original version [a black square] for use with vanilla NPC bodies, male and female. Or open with 7zip and extract the files you want into the skyrim/data folder.

[left]That weird bronze glow and strange oil slick skin in certain lighting conditions was driving me mad.
[Ed. Crazy!]
I tried for weeks to find the cause.
[Ed. The cause!]
I somehow stumbled upon the _sk files and spent hours editing and editing.
[Ed. Hours! Editing.]
Then, in a fit of frustration, I said, "Fek it!"
[Ed. And a lot more. Oh, the cussin'...]
And covered it all in black.
[Ed. Fek it!]
It worked!
[Ed. Worked!]
The skin was a bit powdery, but there was no more glow.
[Ed. Amen!]
No more oil slick skin.
[Ed. Hallelujah!]
[Ed. Ed!]
[Ed. Ed? Er... What?]
What are you doing?
[Ed. We're preaching to the choir, baby. Preaching to the choir.]
More like being annoying.

This all started as a black square. Then a slight red tint was added to the black square. Then _sk texture files were made for UNP and CBBE bodies. [ED. Don't know why...] Later, a few races were added. The download page became so over crowded I decided to put all I have made so far into one file.


Q. [Ed. So... Why are you such an a**hole?]
A. Is that really a FAQ? [Ed. The only one, really.] Well, its three thirty in the morning, I am tired and my buzz has worn off.
Q. [Ed. Sure. But why are you ALWAYS an a**hole?]
A. Shut up!
Q. [Ed. So what do I do if I it does not seem to be working?]
A. A real question? Okay. First, try re-installing. If it still doesn't seem to be working, look in your texture\actor\character\female and texture\actor\character\male folders and make sure the files are there. If you are still unsure, open the compressed folder and manually drag and drop the files into their respective folders. If you are using an included race, do the same for them. If you are using a race that has not been included you will have to find the folders that contain that races textures and drag and drop the files you want to use there.