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Last updated at 9:47, 26 Nov 2013 Uploaded at 18:51, 11 Jan 2013

Check out this combined player home and dungeon mod:

-Now with a larger Dungeon and new playmates

A large player estate with lots of space and everything you need
AND a large beautiful underground area:

Dungeon - test your combat skills against fierce resistance.

Swimming pool - cure all diseases

Prison -irritate the inmates at your own peril

Fish ponds

This combined player home and dungeon near Whiterun consists of three areas:

A regular player house with lots of storage space, display cases, weapon plaques etc.

A large underground area with a dungeon where you can practice your combat skills against
a selection of fierce enemy NPCs. Fight them one on one or all at the same time,
or watch them fight against each other.

This area also contains:

living quarters (including crafting room)

fish ponds

tunnel to Whiterun

There is also an outside area with all necessary crafting equipment within easy reach. You don't
have to go inside att all if you prefer (maybe you don't like load doors).

This mod is also available at Steam:

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Whiterun Kjeller - A Whiterun & Breezehome expansion

more Whiterun underground, including more merchants and
a Breezehome expansion with the missing pieces from Breezehome
- making your first home in Skyrim fully equipped.

Pure Waters

makes the fish ponds and swimming pool look better

Spouses Can Live Everywhere


IMPORTANT: this mod is incompatible with the Heimdall player house mod. If you are currently
using the Heimdall mod you can move to New Heimdall by taking all your stuff to a temporary
location (like Breezehome) and then disable the Heimdall mod. (If you want detailed instructions
mail me at

Don't hesitate to leave comments on this page, I welcome feedback.

Note that the underground area of this mod, "The Kjeller", is like a mixture of a player house and an outside area and a dungeon. All containers are safe for storage but The Kjeller gets reset like a dungeon/outside area.


Where is the house located?

just outside whiterun. look at the map among the pictures at the top of this page.
there are also images at the end of the slide show showing new heimdall and whiterun
in the same picture. TODO: (maybe someone can help me with this?): put a video on youtube showing new heimdalls close proximity to Whiterun, and also showing the house and the kjeller (including the prison)

Where can I find the key to the prison?

it's not hard to find. where would you store an important key?

SPOILER: In the safe in the bedroom and in the safe in the crafting room

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