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Frightening Vampires: Power of the Grave
***Requires Dawnguard***
Mod is no longer supported! I merged this with a larger overhaul mod of my own (for personal use only) so it shall not be updated. Use at your own risk!
This mod has also been made available as a modder's resource since I am no longer supporting it. If you want to use it in your own mod, go ahead. Just remember to credit me.

Frightening Vampires: Power of the Grave is a mod designed to increase the power and weaknesses of the Vampires found within Skyrim. Personally, I've always found vanilla Vampires to be weaker than the should be; I expected them to be strong, something that should be feared. They weren't.

Even playing as a Vampire, I found the spells that we gained were a little too weak. Vampiric Drain was almost rendered obsolete on Master difficulty. Vampire's Seduction wasn't strong enough to serve any purpose. The one thing I thought was perfectly fine was the weaknesses and bonuses: 100% weakness to Fire and 100% resistance to Frost at Stage 4 with the default Vampiric 100% resistance to disease and poison. Of course, Dawnguard came along and changed all of that.

I took it upon myself, mostly because of boredom, to change that.
This mod significantly increases the might of both PC and NPC Vampires. You'll find your Vampiric Drain does significantly more damage (maxing out at 25 points per second at Stage 4 for the Player and double that for NPC vampires), and the Dawnguard weaknesses and resistances have been returned to their pre-Dawnguard levels. You'll also find that the weaknesses for Vampire Lords in daylight have been increased. They should no longer regenerate health, stamina, and magicka in daylight; or, if they do, it should be at extremely reduced levels. This provides a reason to use Auriel's Bow. Along with that, Vampire Lords should now have a 100% weakness to fire.

Also included in the mod is a novice level Illusion spell which will instantly turn the player into a Vampire. It is known as Vampire's Thirst and can be found in random loot, and is sold by merchants.

WARNING: this mod is not intended for lower-leveled or "weak" characters. It was technically designed to compliment my preference for using overpowered characters and, as such, will not suit everybody's desires. I certainly don't plan upon reducing the damage done by NPC Vampires. If you want to survive their attacks, it is recommended that you have a very high spell absorption or a very high resistance to magic. Otherwise... You'll be a snack for the Vampires.

To install, simply drag and drop the .esp file into your Data folder. Make sure you have Dawnguard and the latest Skyrim patch before using it.

Yes, this does affect ALL NPC Vampires and the player. The Vampiric Drain attacks of Serana, Valerica, Harkon, and the others should be significantly stronger. Assuming I got it right.

This mod is, by nature, incompatible with any mod that alters Vampires and their strengths and weaknesses.
You'd be best using this with no other Vampire altering mods.

Recommended Mods:
Because this mod alters the damage done by Vampiric Drain spells, it is recommended that you install When Vampires Attack by Arthmoor. It should help reduce the number of NPC casualties when any Vampires attack. PC casualties? Well, that's up to the player.

Have fun, and don't forget the healing potions.