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Please Download the correct version! There is currently a DLC and non-DLC version of this mod available from the downloads section!

Need to get smart quick to boost your Magicka regeneration? Have an apple! Do you feel drained of stamina and need some protein to mend those wounds? Have a nice chunk of beef! Need to buff that eyesight to shoot long range targets with your bow? Have a carrot! What's that you say? Blasphemy? That's right, it's Culinary Blasphemy!
Hey guys! This is my first mod here on the Nexus and it's one that I've used in my personal collection for quite some time. Culinary Blasphemy! aims to make cooking in Skyrim a viable alternative for warrior classes to alchemy! It does this in the following ways:

1. Increases the value and effect of eating foods (particularly when cooked over raw).
2. Adds penalties to eating raw food.
3. Makes harder to obtain foods worth more in terms of the effects they give you.
4. Attempts to give foods effects which are similar to their recipe/attributes ex. clams for speech as an aphrodisiac!

Now then, all stat bonuses provided by food are fairly reasonable and I have made a short list (shown below) to help illustrate what kind of changes are made. Given the rarity of food in skyrim and the overall weight costs assigned to each of them, it seemed silly to leave them as they were: useless inventory clutter. Now, food is no longer for petty immersion, but for actual gameplay as well. Moreover, throughout my game time in skyrim (nearly 600 hours) I've realized, food is harder to come by (especially cooked food that isn't just stolen) than potion ingredients. You'll find a hard time buying ingredients as their costs have been substantially increased in vendors, but that chunk of venison you chop off your recent Elk kill isn't just a waste of space anymore... it could be the lifesaving chunk of deer meat that saves your life!

Again, this mod was created for personal use so suggestions to the "balance" of it will most likely be ignored. If there are any real issues concerning its functionality or something I may have missed, please feel free to post in the comments!

Example Bonuses:

Basic Ingredients:
Carrot: Restores 10HP, +10% Bow damage for 1 Minute (Improve that eyesight!)
Bread: Restores 20HP, Cures Poison effects
Potato: Restores 20HP
Apples: Restores 10HP, Restores 5MP/s for 1 Minute (Fruit of Wisdom)
Cabbage: Restores 20 Stamina (Makes you gassy but full of stamina!)
Beef(raw): Restores 20HP, Reduces Stamina Regeneration by 30% for 1 minute (E. Coli! Oh noez!)
Salmon(raw): Restores 25HP (Delicious Sushi!!!)
Horker Meat(raw): Restores 20HP, 10% Weakness to Magic for 1 minute
Mammoth (raw): Restores 20HP, Reduces Stamina Regeneration by 20% for 1 minute

Cooked Foods:
Cooked Beef: Restores 60HP, Restores 5 Stamina per sec. for 2 minutes
Beef Stew: Restores 100HP and 5 Stamina per sec for 12 minutes, +10% Bow dmg. for 1 min.
Horker Loaf: Restores 40HP, +20% Magic Res. for 2 min.(Horker blubber courses through you.)
Salmon Steak: Restores 40HP, Restores 20HP (Time to swim upstream!)
Mammoth Steak: Restore 150HP (Extra fortified with mammoth power!)

Rare Foods:
Mammoth Cheese Bowl: Restore 100HP, Restore 60 Stam, +50% magic resist for 1 minute
Sweetroll: Restore 50 HP, Cast a 30 second Guardian Circle instantly beneath you (Praise the roll!)
Long Taffy Treat: Restore 15HP and Stamina per second for 12 minutes
Honey Nut Treat: Restore 25HP, Restore 10 Magicka per second for 1 minute

...and many other bonuses to nearly EVERY food item in all of Skyrim!